Monday, August 13, 2012

Waffle On

Waffle On
Shop 9, Degraves St, Melbourne
(Ph) 0401 408168

I've always <3 LOVED <3 Belgium waffles, always get waffles at Max Brenner's and I even bought a waffle iron and pearl sugar and make my own waffles, though they're not as tasty =( I was taking my friends around Melbourne and was having a waffle craving. We came to Degraves Street on Sunday and *shock horror* Waffle On is closed on Sundays! =O We didn't feel like Max Brenner's so we just came back later in the week to fulfill my craving - w00t! It's called Waffle on here but they do some good baguettes here too. There are no tables here, it's pretty much takeaway for all, but there is a bar table at the side, normally with 3 stools but the stools weren't here on this day =O

You can get a plain waffle or get toppings with it. Since we were gonna eat at the bar table, I decided to go for the Mikado - waffle with icecream and chocolate sauce $6.50

I don't think the waffles are made on the spot for you as you can see a pile of premade waffles in the kitchen, but I'm pretty sure they're made on the day as they still taste fresh. Crunchy on the outside, doughy inside with little bits of pearl sugar. Delicious with some icecream =) I could really have waffles everyday haha =D

P wanted something savoury so he got a baguette. Le Fermier - chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato $9

Such a simple baguette but so delicious - the bread is so fresh and crispy that it hurts the roof of your mouth after eating it for a while =P Lots of mayo just how I like it =) If I had room I would have so had a baguette too... and another waffle haha =P

7.5/10 - one of the best takeaway places ever =D <3 waffles!

3/5 - the owner(s?) talk French to each other so it's got a very genuine feel, only downside is where are the stools on this morning?!

there isn't much of service here as it's pretty much takeaway =P

Definitely give it a try if you haven't before!


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  1. Hi, have u try "The Waffle Club"? They just recently open on Queen Victoria Market (M Shed). They sell Liege waffle aswell, and I guess it is comparable with "Waffle on"
    Just a share as a waffle lover :)

  2. I have not heard of it but thanks for the suggestion! will definitely go try it out =)