Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pho Dzung

Pho Dzung
234 Russell St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 8885

I told P I didn't want Pho for at least a year since I got back from Vietnam but he had cravings so I succumbed =( P of course got Special Beef Combination Pho 

Bowl of noodles with a plate of bean sprouts, mint, lemon and chilli - not as generous as they are at the Richmond restaurants (eg. Co Do, Thanh Tam)

The Pho was alright, not bad but nothing out of the ordinary.

I got the Grill Pork Chop, Fried Egg, Shredded Pork with Broken Rice $9.50

This took forever to come out. So I thought everything would be freshly cooked and delicious, but the grilled pork was quite dry =/ And they need some work on their presentation lol. They also gave a cup of sauce and a bowl of soup? The soup was really salty though =/ I wonder if they actually use broken rice here - I learned in Vietnam that broken rice refers to the rice grains that aren't whole which get put aside and get fed to the poor.

We also got some Spring Rolls $8.50

They don't put much inside the spring rolls though they are very tasty, especially when wrapped with the lettuce.

4/10 - wasn't very good, if you want good Vietnamese food head down to Richmond =)

2/5 - food actually took surprisingly long for an Asian restaurant =/

2/5 - dirty, but then again, what do you expect?


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