Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beans & Bagels

Beans & Bagels
121 Johnston St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9417 0006

Bagels with E! =) Entertainment book had a voucher for this place so thought we'd check it out. We were going to walk there but it was pouring so no exercise for the day =P

We both wanted the Salmon Benedict - poached eggs, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce on a bagel from the dine in only menu, which the waiter said came with a coffee. On the menu it said it was ~$13 and didn't say anything about a coffee, maybe because we were using the voucher we had to get a coffee too? Then he said the voucher was only up to $10 value o_Oa so in the end we paid ~$17 even though it was meant to be buy-1-get-1-free hmm..

My Chai Latte was pretty good though I'm not a pro coffee drinker =)

Yum! Looked delicious =) They didn't ask us what flavour bagel we wanted so we both got plain not that I would have minded. One of my poached eggs was perfectly soft yolk but the other one was overdone and wasn't runny enough =(

This was the good egg =)

Would have been nicer if they were more generous with the hollandaise sauce but overall was a very tasty dish. Bagel was quite dense so was difficult to cut but all bagels are like that so can't complain there.

5/10 - pretty good benedict, though all the breakfast dishes were the typical, would be nice if they had something special/unique like at Manchester Press with more choices.

3/5 - food came quite promptly

3/5 - quite a nice chilled cafe on Johnston Street =)


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