Monday, August 19, 2013

Taco Bill (Windsor)

Taco Bill
69 Chapel St, Windsor
(Ph) 9510 9800

Catching up with J - I didn't want European food 'cause I'm going there soon and I'd had too much Asian food lately so wanted something else... Mexican! I know the Taco Bill at Camberwell gives 40% off mains on Mondays and Tuesdays so thought we'd go there, but then I looked on the Taco Bill website and the Windsor store actually gives 50% off mains on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Not too busy on this Tuesday night - didn't expect it to be or they wouldn't give so much discount on these nights, I wonder how they still survive with giving so much discount? I guess they expect you to order entree/dessert and drinks.

J got the Quesadilla suprema - large flour tortilla filled with frijole con queso, cheese, tomato, onion, our house-made salsa fresc and your choice of filling. Baked then topped with guacamole and pico de gallo and served with rice - frijole con queso $19.50

Quite a huge quesadilla! I thought they usually toast it on the outside for you?

I was hungry so wanted to try the Enchilada nuevo Mexico - you have to be hungry! Three high stack of corn tortillas, "New Mexico style", filled with your choice of beef or chicken, onions and cheese.. covered with mild chile sauce, topped with an egg and melting cheese. Served with frijoles and rice and a taco $23.95

And omg it was HUGE! It's like the Combination platter (see my visit at Collins Street) but even bigger! I like how they give you a fried egg on top of the enchiladas with lots of melted cheese =D The chicken meat was braised and very soft and tender - the same meat was served in the enchiladas and the taco... they should let you choose what meat you want in what wrap so you're not eating all just one flavour 'cause by the end of the meal it all tastes the same =P

6/10 - quite good Mexican food... for $12 definitely well worth it!

1/5 - I read on the Taco Bill Facebook site that all customers should receive complimentary chips and salsa every visit (like we did on our last visit to Collins Street) but we didn't get any, and neither did other tables at this store. So I told them on Facebook and now they're giving me a gift voucher to compensate so yay =)

3/5 - very ambient lighting inside, can sit indoors or outdoors but it was too cold on this night to sit outside =P


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