Thursday, August 8, 2013

Poynton's Nursery Cafe

Poynton's Nursery Cafe
Corner Vida & The Boulevard, Essendon
(Ph) 9337 8111

Had to pick up parents from the airport but only had about 2 hours to get some quite afternoon tea so went somewhere close to the airport. I never eat around north/west side of Melbourne so had absolutely no idea - went to search the Entertainment book again =P

Came across this cafe inside a nursery along the Maribyrnong River - the nursery was huge! All sorts of plants and herbs and fruits and flowers and everything! I think I might come back again to get some stuff to grow - though I'm not very good at it, I've killed multiple herb plants and even a cactus before! =/

The cafe would havee been really nice with the river view though on this afternoon they were painting the cafe walls so everything was covered up and the tables were stacked up and didn't feel very inviting at all =( 

We had to get some food here so sat down anyway. I got a Iced Mocha $5.20

While dad got a Strawberry Milkshake $6.50. Bit expensive for a milkshake hmm

The only savoury dishes they had now were some open toasted sandwiches. Braised lamb with house made eggplant dip and yoghurt dressing $16.00 - a bit expensive? This wasn't quite what I expected for the open toasted sandwich - more like a toasted turkish bread. The braised lamb was quite flavoursome though was a bit dry from being baked in the oven and couldn't really taste the eggplant dip.

Scones - these delicious light and moist scones are served with jam and freshly whipped cream $7.30. Scones were indeed light and fluffy - delicious with the jam and cream =)


Chef's Speciality.. Tiramisu - this simply irresistible treat is house made, with sponge finger biscuits soaked in coffee and Frangelico liqueur, layered with whipped mascapone cream and chocolate powder $8.30

Mum and I both love tiramisu but this looked a bit sad - a mush of cream with some chocolate powder on top. There was more cream than cake/sponge fingers - way too much cream for our liking =/ We saw later when they uncovered the cake cabinet (after they finished painting over that part of the restaurant) that the tiramisu was actually a big tub of mushy cream - doesn't look very appetizing at all, how is this chef's speciality?!

Probably wouldn't come back just for the cafe but maybe if I come back for the nursery!


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