Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jade Cafe

Jade Cafe
39 Carrington Road, Boxhill
(Ph) 3981 9991

After our shopping trip it was like 1.30pm already - P said he wanted yumcha but by the time we get to any of the yumcha places, there'd be no food left. We trammed out to the CBD to try and find some Honky cafe food 'cause that was P's second choice of food. In the end we decided we wanted to try the new Taiwan Cafe on Swanston St - normally we always see a massive line outside it so we wanted to see what the big dealio was =P Since it was 2pm there was no line! We were just about to step in, when we saw a sign on the door saying "Cash Only" Grrr cheapo Asians! So we decided to go to QV and get some stuff from Woolies and come back for food. We only left for like 15mins but by the time we came back there was a line of at least 5 groups of people outside! Crazy! o_Oa

We got so fed up with trying to find food that P said we should just drive to Boxhill and just eat whatever there =P

I tried to Google for a Honky Cafe here - apparently Jade Cafe was alright so we parked at Centro and went looking for it. We went out the wrong end of the shopping centre and had to walk in the rain and finally got to the cafe! By then it was 3.30pm already - we were starving we didn't care anymore =P

Once I stepped in I recognized I had been here before with my parents and family friends and remember it too be not too bad..

And yay! They start serving Afternoon Tea at 3.00pm! 3-5pm =) So of course we had to order something from the Afternoon Tea menu since it's so much cheaper.

P decided to get a Fish Chowder Soup $4.50 from the normal menu. I think it was after the tasty Puff Pastry Creamy Seafood Soup at New Age Cafe that P got this since he never orders soup - but I told him to not expect it to be as tasty and that this one doesn't have puff pastry which is totally the best bit =(

Fish Chowder

Seriously Fish CHOWDER?! Chowder is meant to be thick and cream but this was so liquid and thin! And there was barely any stuff in there - small mushy bits of "fish" and some fake crab stick and LOTS of spring onions =/ And it was a bit too salty. The piece of sandwich bread looks so unappealing - aren't you meant to get bread ROLLS with soup?!

P got the Mini Steak and Onion Roll $6.50 from the Afternoon Tea menu. I didn't realise but you get a free drink with all the Afternoon Tea sets - choose any of the $3.20 drinks, so P got an Apple Cider.

Mini steak and onion roll

The steak wasn't really a steak - it was super thin and didn't taste of meat at all =/ The gravy was very thin and there was like 2 pieces of onion. Was not very tasty overall =S

Apple cider

The Apple Cider was tasty though! =D

They don't have a mini Baked Pork Chop Rice here so I got the Pan Fried or Deep Fried Pork Chop Roll $5.50 - of course I got deep fried pork =P With a Lemon Coke - I don't normally like ordering this (I normally get cold lemon tea) 'cause you can make it easily at home but I felt like something fizzy =P The waitress was like "is that hot or cold?" LOL hot Coke seriously?!

Deep fried pork chop roll

Crunchy pork chop =D though it would have been nice if they had some lettuce or tomoato or something in the bun, and they were super stingy with the mayonnaise didn't even have enough to spread on one side of the bread =/

Lemon Coke

Mmmm a can of Coke is more than one cup of drink so I got some bonus =)

Fish Chowder Soup - 2/10 - not very tasty and very salty =/ very disappointed compared to the super delicious one at New Age Cafe even though that was double the price but was very worth it and very delicious!

Mini Steak and Onion Roll - 3/10 - didn't taste of much =/

Deep Fried Pork Chop Roll - 5/10 - this wasn't too bad, if only they had a bit of lettuce or something in the bun as well

3/5 - the waiter was very attentive - I still can't believe she asked me if I wanted my Coke hot or cold haha =P

3/5 - very family friendly restaurant, very Honky feel with the booths along the walls =)

I kinda remember this place being tastier than it was and I definitely expected tastier Honky afternoon tea..


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