Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monarch Cakes

Monarch Cakes
103 Acland St, St Kilda
(Ph) 9534 2972

Had to come to St Kilda for a doctor's appointment again. I had read about awesome cakes at Monarch Cakes - apparently one of the best take away cake places in Melbourne according to The Age. I didn't even realise the other day when we came to the Acland Cake Shop but it's actually just next door! The cakes don't look as tasty at the window here that's why that time we didn't come here =P

P wanted to get a slice of French Vanilla, after our delicious vanilla slice at the Acland Cake Shop last time but then we saw a fly was sitting on one of the pieces of French Vanilla and that totally put us off =P What is the difference between French Vanilla and Vanilla slice anyway? French Vanilla just looks taller and a whiter cream compared to the Vanilla slice. 

I know the Chocolate Kooglhoupf is their most famous cake here - had heard about it for ages, people travel across Melbourne for this cake =) And they actually have a mini version of it! How cute =) So P got a slice of that instead =)

Chocolate Kooglhoupf 

The waiter man took our orders and we paid and sat outside. Then we saw him chatting to other customers and not getting our cakes out - how rude! He took forever - how hard is it to put a slice on a plate?! But then we realised he heated up the kooglhoupf and dusted some icing sugar on it =) Very interesting cake - it's like a mix between a donut and a cake - delicious! with chocolate marbled through it and crunchy on the base =) 

I ordered a slice of the 100 year old Polish baked cheese cake - of course I had to try it =)

100 year old Polish baked cheese cake

The cake was super smooth and cheesy but not overly rich - I liked =) The biscuit base wasn't as crunchy as I would have liked it though - the cheesecakes I've been having lately don't have a crunchy biscuit base to my disappointment =(

The cakes were ~$5.90 each, at first we thought it was quite expensive but that's actually quite reasonable in this day and age for cake - *sigh* everything is so expensive now!

Chocolate Kooglhoupf - 7/10 - very delicious and unique!

100 year old Polish baked cheese cake - 6/10 - the cheesecake was yum, if only the base was crunchier!

2/5 - not very good taking so long to bring out the cakes though! it's really not that hard!

2/5 - was alright but it started raining which ruined it a bit but not their fault! =P

Next time we'll try the French Vanilla!


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