Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Acland Cake Shop

The Acland Cake Shop
97 Acland St, St Kilda
(Ph) 9534 3785

We came to St Kilda for a doctor's appointment and since we came a bit early, we decided to walk around and treat ourselves to some cake =)

The first cafe/bakery we come across was The Acland Cake Shop - I wanted to walk on and see what the other cafes had but the waitress here was really nice so P said we should get something here. There were so many different cakes and tarts and slices etc to choose from! Looks so nice from outside =)

All cakes/tarts cost $5.10 here 

P wanted the Chocolate waffle but I said that didn't sound that fancy so he decided to get the Chocolate Tunnel.

Chocoalte Tunnel

It's a piece of chocolate wrapped around chocolate cake in the middle and chocolate mousse at the two ends, with the edges dipped in crushed nuts. Looks fancy but taste was alright - cake was a tad on the dry side and the chocolate was sooo sweet!

I wanted to get a slice of baked cheesecake (of course I do =P) but I know P doesn't like it so I got a Vanilla Slice instead.

Vanilla Slice

I don't know what the big dealio with Vanilla Slices are - I'm not usually a fan of them, it's just pastry wrapped around some custard lol. And when you try to break the top pastry it never breaks properly and end up squashing the custard in between =P Would have liked it if the pastry was slightly more crunchy but the custard was very smooth and creamy. P liked this very much =) There was a French Vanilla Slice as well, not sure what the difference is, but the custard looked whiter and the slice was higher - should have asked the waiter what the difference is!

Chocolate Tunnel - 4.5/10 - looks better than it tastes

Vanilla Slice - 5.5/10 - was alright, but I don't really know what the hype over St Kilda cakes is about, cakes here are alright but they're not the best, for $5.10 I can get much tastier cakes elsewhere

2.5/5 - the waitress was really nice and polite and brought water outside to our table

3/5 - we sat outside and since it was a nice warm sunny day, it was beautiful ^^

Won't trek all the way out here for the cakes, but if I'm in the area - by all means! =)


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