Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tango Charlie

Tango Charlie
353 Smith St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9078 3510

I had bought a voucher off Living Social a while ago for this place - $19 for 2 breakfasts and 2 drinks. Sounded like a pretty good deal =) A few months had passed and I read reviews of this cafe - people saying the food was bad and cold, and service was crap, so I was a bit disappointed and didn't have high expectations. Still, we had to use the voucher.

It was raining on this Sunday morning so the street was really empty and we were the only customers here. Which means we should have really good service (and we did!) =) We sat down at the couch tables, P was gonna sit on the wooden chair opposite the couch but I said the cafe was so empty anyway might as well sit on the couch with me =)

We were served by a very nice waitress who took our orders promptly. She was the only waiter there, with another man at the bar area making our drinks - P got an English breakfast tea (surprise surprise lol =P) and I got an orange juice.

Looks pretty good aye, until we saw this =P

Haha, P said the tea didn't have much taste =P

My orange juice was definitely not freshly squeezed and most likely from a homebrand bottle from the supermarkets too =P

Our food came really quickly! Definitely not the "waited one hour for a cold meal" that other people were saying. P got the Big Breakfast - eggs poached, fried or scrambled, bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, tomato, toast, chorizo and spinach normally $15.00

Big Breakfast

Was pretty good overall =) Though P said the eggs could have been fried a touch longer to more crunchiness and the bread was a bit hard - like old bread maybe? The chorizo wasn't hot at all which we didn't mind at all =P Could have been a bit more generous with the butter =P

I got the "Hangover Cure" - three hash browns, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, eggs poached, fried or scrambled and hollandaise normally $13.00

"Hangover Cure"

Yay lots of hash browns! If only there was avocado and spinach in it as well =P The poached eggs were good, still super runny inside and the soft egg white. I don't like it when the egg white tastes vinegary which I know is how some places poach their eggs - they weren't here =) The mushrooms were a bit sad though - was kinda a mush =P Lucky I love mushrooms of all sorts so I didn't mind =P The hollandaise sauce made some of the hash browns soft which was a bit annoying but there was enough hash browns to go around so was alright =)

Big Breakfast - 7/10 - P really liked it, the only downside was the homebrand bread =P

Hangover Cure - 7.5/10 - this was good =) nothing was really bad, just wish there was some greens in it!

4/5 - service was good here! the waitress was very attentive and polite, and food came out very quickly =)

4/5 - it was really nice sitting there on the couch (there were wooden chairs at other tables which looked really hard =/). With no one next to us, P and I could have a nice conversation without eavesdropping on others while the rain poured down outside =)

Definitely was a lot better than we expected and got our money's worth!


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