Thursday, October 27, 2011

Groove Train - Part 3

Groove Train
Melbourne Central Level 3
211 La Trobe St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 2730

Omg third time coming here in the span of a few months =P This was the first time and the second time.

We were catching up with all the college people - there were 18 of us, so there aren't really any other places in the city that can cater for so many of us together.

I had to get something different to what I've had at the previous visits - something away from Italian =P I saw Veal Parmigiana - topped with ham & cheese, Bolognaise sauce & parmesan cheese, served with salad & chips $22.90. A little expensive compared to the other dishes on offer here, but I've never had a veal parma before so thought I should give it a try =) I had decided to order this beforehand already, but because we had dinner really early (6pm) I wasn't hungry at all, so wasn't sure if I should order something light. P said he'd help me eat my chips so I stuck with my decision =)

P had been here before, not with me, and he said someone else that time had ordered the Fried Calamari - floured with lemon pepper & lightly fried, served with fresh lemon, tartare sauce, salad & chips $21.90 and it was a very generous dish, so he ordered it.

Veal Parmigiana

Wow it was massive! The parma was much bigger than I thought it would be, and it was covered in bolognaise sauce and cheese! <3 The veal was soft inside yet super crunchy on the outside - all my favourite things in one =D too bad the heat from the parma made the chips soggy =( So I only ate half my chips 'cause they weren't very nice and I was super full from the veal - and P didn't have room to help me after he finished off his massive dish =P

P's Fried Calamari was seriously massive!

Fried Calamari

It doesn't actually look that nice - the calamari and the chips kinda blend into each other - needs a bit more colour in the dish =P They were very generous with the calamari, but the problem with ordering calamari is A, B and C etc all want to try a piece so there's not much left for yourself =P It was a bit too salty and quite oily though =/

Yay managed to get a photo of all of us! =D

Veal Parmigiana - 6/10 - cheesy bolognaisy goodness =D it's like second to my favourite lasagne <3 too bad the chips weren't very good

Fried Calamari - 5/10 - a bit too salty and a bit too oily, but very generous =)

2/5 - food came really quickly, but when we wanted to ask them for more tomato sauce there was no waiter to be found, they all stood to the other side which was a bit annoying =/

4/5 - they were very quite on this Sunday night, so they had blocked off half the restaurant for us =)

Seriously don't want to come here again any time soon =P


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