Monday, October 31, 2011

South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

South Melbourne Market Dim Sims
South Melbourne Market,
Corner Cecil & Coventry St, South Melbourne

I had read about this place a few times, most recently on the Age about queues around Melbourne. They had mentioned Mamasita (which I know is good but yet to try because the line is just ridiculously long!), Myer Christmas Windows, Apple and Boxing Day Sales - all of which I know are things worth lining up for =P So I thought we should give these Dim Sims a try and thought we should check out South Melbourne Markets anyway.

Dim Sims actually started off in Melbourne when William Young decided to produce these to rival meat pies at football games! (what a surprise - learn something new everyday!) A few years later, Ken Cheng opened up this stall at South Melbourne Markets and have since been a favourite in Melbourne, where people would travel across Melbourne and even interstate to devour a bag of these! He passed away a few years ago, and apparently ever since then, the quality of the dim sims had gotten downhill.

It was a raining gloomy day so I thought there wouldn't be that long a line - all the websites say you should be prepared for a long queue =P But there was only like 3 people waiting in line when we got there at 11am on this Sunday morning. The line moves very quickly, and the lady asks you bluntly for your order, picks it all up and takes your money, then "NEXT!" No time to ponder your order =P We decided to try 2 fried ones and a steamed one. They were $1.80 each,  I had read on websites that they were $1.20 3 years ago - seriously, inflation is not THAT steep!

The dim sims were quite large, and they were so hot fresh from the fryer and the steamer. We decided not to put any sauce on - didn't want any chilli and THANK GOODNESS we didn't put any soy sauce on it!

The skin is quite thick - I guess it's to hold all the meats together, a combination of pork, cabbage and spices and LOTS OF SALT. My gosh it was like a ball of salt and MSG - I'm not sure how people can say these are remotely nice, let alone come back for it and line up?!

I thought maybe the fried one would be better since I <3 fried food.

The casing was alright, crunchy - well, it is deep fried =P but the insides were salty-as again!

P ate half of one and could not take any more. I hate wasting food so decided to finish my own fried one but even then, it was difficult and we ended up throwing away most of it.

What an utter disappointment. Strangely enough, as we shopped at the markets, we saw many Westerners holding BAGS of these dim sims, and munching into them - we could not believe our eyes lol o_Oa

2/10 - wow, I've never tasted such horrible food before! So super salty and very not nice =(

2/5 - the lady was really blunt, but I had read it's like that - service is fast and blunt here, you need to know what you want, how many, separate bags? and have your money all ready lol

Definitely NOT coming back.


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