Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grandma Funks

Grandma Funks
256 Swan St, Richmond
(Ph) 9421 0510

B had told me about awesome hollandaise sauce in their breakfasts here and since there was a 25% off voucher in the Entertainment Book, I decided to come here for brunch with P =) I looked at the weather forecast for today yesterday morning and it was initially "sunny" then became "thunder" in a matter of hours =/ anyway, we came anyway and it was sunny ^___^ it was so hot that P didn't want to sit outside under the sun =___= so we got a window seat =)

All the waiters here were Asian, and I peeked inside and saw the chefs all had black hair too - how weird to have such a Western restaurant owned by Asians - I guess Richmond is quite Asian =) but not the Swan St side of Richmond! Anyway the waitress were really prompt with ordering - gave us the menu for one minute then asked if we were ready to order =P Which was good 'cause we were super hungry - it was basically midday already and we hadn't eaten all morning =/

I had to get something with hollandaise sauce so I decided for the Eggs Campagnola - a variation of the classic benedict: poached eggs & smoked salmon served on an English muffin spread with cream cheese, dressed with hollandaise $13.50

P wanted the grandma's Big Breakfast - 2 eggs cooked to your liking, grilled tomato, sausage, bacon & mushrooms, hash brown completed with caramelized onions, served on toast $15.60. Of course he wants the big breakfast he never goes for anything else =P

He initially ordered an English Breakfast tea as well then changed his mind and said he wasn't gonna pay for $3 for something he can get easily at home so he got a Banana milkshake instead for $4.80

Banana milkshake

Was delicious! There were still bits of ice-cream leftover floating =) We were slightly regretting not ordering the Banana smoothie $6.50 instead as it's "made with fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and a hint of honey" as opposed to a milkshake which apparently is made from flavoured syrup? Says P anyway. And I just looked it up on Wikipedia and he was right - so milkshakes are made from fruit syrup, milk and ice-cream, while smoothies are made from yoghurt, ice and fresh fruit - ahah so I learn something new everyday =D Anyway the milkshake was super delicious and thick anyway that we didn't find the need to pay extra for the smoothie =P

P's breakfast was MASSIVE!

Big Breakfast

Check out how big his pieces of toast were! each piece is like double the size of a normal toast =/ and omg it was SOO toasted... like a third of the back was BLACK burnt! =/ we should have complained about it but by the time P realised he had basically finished his food =/ The eggs were a little sad looking - how can you fry eggs and break the yolk like that?! The rest of the stuff was pretty good - the hash brown was SUPER crunchy =) 100% deep fried - I like =) The mushrooms were very tasty - much better than the pile at Tango Charlie =P The bacon and sausages and tomatoes were like any other big breakfast - not too bad, but nothing special to comment on =P

My dish looked so small compared to his =P

Eggs Campagnola

But it's not quantity that matters, it's quality =) And yes my dish was really tasty =) Though they were VERY stingy with the cream cheese - I had to search quite hard for it underneath all the stuff - there was a tiny layer spread onto the English muffins =( I was expecting a slab like you get on bagels in America! The hollandaise sauce was pretty good but not the best I've had. 'cause I had super high expectations of it, I was expecting it to "WOW" me but it didn't which was kinda disappointing =( The English muffins were slightly over toasted (not as burnt as P's toast =P) but they definitely need to work on their toasting of their breads =P They were very generous with their smoked salmon which was really good considering the dish was only $13.50! A dish like this elsewhere would definitely cost like $18!

grandma's Big Breakfast - 6/10 - super burnt toast! otherwise everything else wasn't too bad =) <3 the hash brown =)

Eggs Campagnola - 6.5/10 - super generous with their smoked salmon! if only they were more generous with their cream cheese =P

2/5 - the waitress was super prompt with ordering and the food came in like 5mins =) but they made us pay at the counter - or more like we were in a rush to move our car =P

3/5 - it's a very family feel in this restaurant, nice for a Sunday morning =)

Well worth it given we got 25% off so ended up was only $25.40 =)


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