Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pacific House

Pacific House
213 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 9288

P and I were going out for dinner with N - I kinda wanted Malaysian food but P always says he hates it (I don't even think he knows what real Malaysian food is anyway =___=) anyway, we couldn't decide on anything and came to our fall-back restaurant - Pacific House. I was craving Baked Pork Chop Rice last week when we ended up going to Minh Xuong instead with the college friends, but this day I felt like something different. I used to LOVE <3 Honky cafes but now I'm a bit over them and always want to try new things =)

So I decided to get the Baked Portuguese Style Beef Brisket on Rice $13

Baked Portuguese Style Beef Brisket on Rice

It's not as tasty as the Baked Pork Chop with Tomato on Rice =( which has always been my favourite dish, but after that time I failed in trying to make it at home, I kinda don't feel like it anymore. The Portuguese sauce is like a coconuty sauce but I just feel like it's slightly lacking something, probably more vegetables instead of the few pieces of capsicum. The beef brisket was good though - always <3 beef brisket... was soft and had absorbed the sauce so was very tasty =) But the tomato + cheese sauce in the pork chop rice is just such a better sauce and pork chop is my ultimate favourite meat (yes laugh all you want =P) Still I managed to finish it all - that's a lot of rice for me, given I don't eat rice normally =P

P decided to order his usual dish - Baked Beef, Tomato with Fried Egg on Rice $12 

Baked Beef, Tomato with Fried Egg on Rice

It's yum and always is yum - it's the same sauce as the Baked Pork Chop with Tomato on Rice, ie. tomato and cheeeeese =P I don't like slices of beef but P loves it, it's his favourite dish here =P There's like more sauce than rice which P usually doesn't like - he usually likes 90% rice with a little bit of "stuff" since he thinks everything is always too salty, but that's not how us Honkies like it =P we love our sauce haha =)

N's never been here before - we tried to suggest to him the baked rice dishes or the roast meat dishes but he decided to go for Black Pepper Steak with Rice $12

Black Pepper Steak with Rice

Smelt so good since I was saying to P that I haven't had steak in ages - strange to come to a Honky cafe for steak aye? =P Meat looks so juicy and tender =)

Baked Portuguese Style Beef Brisket on Rice - 5/10 - was not too bad, but felt like it was missing something, there were so many parts of the rice which only had the Portuguese sauce without any vegetables (ie capsicum) or beef on it, would have been better if they introduced other types of vegetables =)

Baked Beef, Tomato with Fried Egg on Rice - 8/10 - has to be pretty good given P keeps coming back for it =P though he's like that, once he likes something he won't budge from it =P

3/5 - service is never fantastic at these cheapo Asian restaurants filled 100% with Asian students =P but the waiters were polite (usually they're not, as they're generally other Asian students =P) and kept coming back to fill our teas for us =)

3/5 - it's a bit loud and roudy, but they gave us a booth table so chairs were comfy and very spacious =)

Will definitely continue to be our fall-back restaurant, but next time maybe I will get my favourite typical dish =P


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