Monday, October 10, 2011

Max Brenner

Max Brenner
Level 2, QV Square, 210 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 6000

See here for my last visit here - thought I'll post about it again since last time I didn't post with the new rating system =P

After dinner at Longrain, V wanted to have a Max Brenner's Souffle one last time before he leaves so we decided to accompany him. We weren't going to get anything - but as if I could resist once I get there =P P and I decided to get a Toffee Choc-Nut Waffle - after much indecision, since P said he didn't want cakes or crepes or ice-cream sandwich and said I can make waffles at home *sigh* why do we fight over such minimal things =P

V's Chocolate Souffle - Max's Signature Delight with a Warm Melted Centre $10.00 came first.

Chocolate Souffle

Looks so nice aye =P

And even nicer inside! Oozing with melted chocolate =D I want to try making a Souffle at home but I think it'll be really hard to keep it liquid inside but cake-like on the outside =(

Our Toffee Choc-Nut Waffles - warm Belgium Waffle drizzled with Toffee, served with Ice Cream, Caramelised Pecans & Pure Melted Chocolate came - two for $16.50

Toffee Choc-Nut Waffle

Mmmm delicious! I know they don't make their waffles on site, but I wonder if they make it themselves or they buy it from somewhere and just reheat it? Super crunchy and I <3 the pearl sugar in Belgium waffles =) Crunchy caramelised pecan dunked in melted chocolate with vanilla ice-cream - I saw they use Bulla ice-cream =) good 'cause I feel jipped if restaurants give home-brand ice-cream =P

My waffles come pretty close to the Max Brenner's ones though..

Tada! My tower of Belgium waffles =D still have the crunch and the pearl sugar goodness but mine taste slightly yeasty compared to the Max Brenner ones... still perfecting it!

Here's a photo of the 100% Pure Chocolate Experience Iscream Max-Wich - Vanilla Ice Cream hugged between Old Fashioned Soft Baked Chocolate Cookies & Sprinkles for your Dipping Pleasure $12.50 that I tried last time I was here.

Iscream Sand-Wich

I really liked this - the cookie was soft yet crunchy on the outside - was delicious with the ice cream and the melted chocolate and sprinkles! ^^ felt like a child eating sprinkles =P definitely worth $12.50!

8/10 - a little bit expensive, but when is dessert not expensive? Definitely delicious and satisfies my sweet tooth!

2/5 - generally alright, you have to go up to the counter to order the food but then they bring it out to you, as well as water etc

1/5 - 'cause it's so popular, it's generally quite full, so we have to squash at a small table or sit next to smokers etc outside, definitely not here for the atmosphere but for the food =P

Will always come back here =)


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