Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Max Brenner

Max Brenner
Level 2, QV Square, 210 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 6000

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A was craving some good chocolate so we decided to come to Max Brenner for some dessert =)

A and I got a Hot Milk Chocolat served in the Hug Mug $5.50

Hot Chocolat

Mmmm chocolatey goodness - warming us up in the Hug Mug =)

J got a Latte $3.60


I didn't even know they had non chocolatey things here but apparently they do and it's not too bad =P

We got a Tutti-Frutti Waffle - warm Belgium Waffle drizzled with Pure Melted Chocolate served with Ice Cream, Fresh Strawberries & Bananas (two) $18.50 to share

Tutti-Frutti Waffle

Wow they actually gave us proper fresh bananas as opposed to frozen ones (eg Boost) or increasing the price (eg many other places). <3 their Belgium waffles so crunchy and delicious with the toppings! My home-made waffles don't taste quite the same but I guess it's 'cause I don't have their specialty Pure Melted Chocolate =(

We also got a Chocolate Cinnamon Babka served with pure melted chocolate $6.50 to try.

Chocolate Cinnamon Babka

This was very delicious - it's like a cinnamon bun drizzled in melted chocolate. We were soo full by the end of it couldn't finish all the food! And that's such a rarity given I'm such a dessert queen =P this was very good value - $6.50 for such a big dessert!

Great company, great desserts! Max Brenner's will always be one of my favourite dessert places =)



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