Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Laurent Bakery

Laurent Bakery
304-306 Little Collins St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 1011

I had an Entertainment Voucher for Laurent Bakery - buy one Baguette or Foccacia and get one free so P and I decided to go there for lunch. The last time we came here was because of the Entertainment Voucher as well =P

I remember last time we ordered the Chicken Foccacia and the Roast Beef Foccacia which were both delicious but I wanted to try something new this time. P saw the Roast Lamb in Turkish bread which looked tasty, but then he saw there was eggplant inside it and he got turned off it =P So I decided to order it, and P was going to get the Chicken Foccacia which was just too delicious from memory =) The waiter said the voucher said BAGUETTE OR FOCCACIA only not turkish bread so I wasn't allowed to get the roast lamb turkish bread =/ even though they're basically the same thing...

In the end, P decided to try the Turkey Baguette - roast turkey, lettuce, red onion relish, cucumber and butter $13.80 and I got the Chicken Foccacia - chicken, avocado, walnuts, lettuce, mayo and pepper $12.80

P saw a sign for Freshly Squeezed Australian Mango Juice and wanted one - $5.70 what a rip!

Mango Juice

Though I gotta admit it was a very tasty juice =) I wonder how many mangoes it takes to make a cup of juice?

Our sandwiches came and we were so hungry!

Chicken Foccacia

My Chicken Foccacia was delicious as I remembered it from last time =D Chicken + avocado + walnuts <3 The chicken pieces were so succulent and combined with the crunch of the walnuts and the avocado mush and the crunchy bread - mmmm!

P's Turkey Baguette was on the other hand..

Turkey Baguette

...super over-toasted! =O You can see the side of the bread is quite dark brown - the turkey slices were toasted so much that the edges were like a crisp and some of the lettuce was burnt =/ That was really quite unacceptable - we really should have complained about it but we were so hungry that we didn't bother. The red onion relish didn't go really well with the turkey - maybe it's 'cause we're so used to Cranberry sauce with turkey? I'm not a fan of cold cut sandwiches so I knew I wouldn't like this much, but P said his jaws were so sore after eating it - the sandwich was causing him damage more than he was causing it lol.

Note to self - next year with the new Entertainment voucher, we will not be ordering the Turkey baguette, or any baguette as a matter of fact. Chicken foccacia was good as always =)




Came to the Camberwell store recently using the Cake + coffee voucher =) The cakes here look so interesting and and delicious! P doesn't drink coffee so he got a hot chocolate instead, and I got a Chai.

Hot chocolate - was super sweet and rich.

My chai was really good - love chai <3

We got 2 cakes that looked unique/special =) Lingot Noir - Chocolate ganache mousse, brownie, champagne glaze and chocolate macaron 

Sooo chocolatey and rich! Very mild champagne flavour in the glaze =) The mini macarons were bit too small though so couldn't taste the softer chewy center.

Bora-bora - coconut dacquoise, dark choc mousse, wild strawberry coulis, coconut mousse & macaron

This was quite unique - coconut flavours and strawberry coulis inside with chocolate icing on the outside. Sounds like a clash of flavours but worked quite well together. These macarons were bigger than Lingot Noir ones - crispy outside but soft chewy centers <3

7/10 - the savoury sandwiches are quite good, but the desserts are definitely worth it here!

2/5 - you order at the counter but they bring the foods out quite quickly

3/5 - quite a few Laurent cafes around Melbourne =)


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