Friday, September 23, 2011

Lee Lee Hot Bread

Lee Lee Hot Bread
2/240 Victoria St, Richmond
(Ph) 9427 7580

P and I had been wanting to try one of these Vietnamese rolls on Victoria St for a long time - only $3.50ish for a roll so cheap! We just walked into any random bakery, they all look the same =P

Walked in Lee Lee Hot Bread - there are about 8 different rolls to choose from, we decided to get a Grilled Chicken Salad Roll $3.50 and a Mixed Ham Salad Roll $3.50

We bought them and then took them to Albert Park and had a spur of the moment "picnic" there =)

Grilled Chicken Salad Roll

The roll was full of grilled chicken, though there was a bit too much coriander in the salad >< really ruined the roll! P thought the roll tasted a bit stale, though I didn't think it was. After I picked out all the coriander, the roll was really tasty, with the grilled chicken sauce absorbed into the roll =)

It doesn't quite look like the picture they had at the bakery - look at that long piece of spring onion in there?!

And thank goodness we asked for no chilli 'cause I would have died!

We didn't eat the Mixed Ham Salad Roll that day - P wanted it for lunch the next day.

Mixed Ham Salad Roll

He toasted it up in the mini oven and said it was delicious! The bread was crunchy and warm but the salad and mixed ham was still cold like it's meant to be! They gave 3 types of cold cut ham which P gave the thumbs up for - so wasn't too bad afterall! But P didn't ask them to not put chili in this roll so he said his mouth was on fire, he's trying to train himself to eat more chili lol

Definitely worth coming back for a cheap lunch!



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