Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I know I don't normally blog about fast food (eg. I went to Grill'd and took photos of their burgers but then decided not to blog about it) but I thought this deserved some mention =D

I finally managed to go to McDonald's and try out their Shake Shake Fries and their McFeast Burger! Well I actually tried the McFeast a week ago but they ran out of the Shaker Seasoning at that Maccas =O how is that possible?! During their 40 year anniversary celebration how could they run out of the Shaker Seasoning? Was so disappointing.

Anyway, so I finally got hold of the McFeast Burger - re-live the taste of the juicy 4-ounce all beef patty, with fresh tomato, mouth watering lettuce, onions, mustard and ketchup served with succulent cheese in a mouth watering soft sesame seed bun.

LOL they really talk up their burgers and make it sound so heavenly haha =P

Though I gotta admit, was quite tasty =P I haven't had Maccas in a while but this burger didn't taste as "unhealthy" as some fast food burgers feel. The tomato and lettuce helped =P P never likes beef burgers at Maccas and ALWAYS gets the McChicken but he tried the McFeast and actually quite enjoyed it =)

And of course, the star of the meal - Shaker Fries! Spice up your fries for free with a blast from the past as our legendary Shaker mix returns to our menu. Rip open the flavour, sprinkle on your fries and shake it in the bag to spread the delicious flavour.

Shake shake shake! T'was fun shaking the bag =)

This was a little bit disappointing actually - was a bit too salty for my liking. I think they over-salted the fries anyway and the seasoning just sky rocketed the salt level. And the seasoning didn't really taste of anything. I was expecting something like the Shake Shake Fries in Hong Kong, where you can choose the flavour of seasoning, eg. seaweed, chargrill, French onion and salt + pepper.

Ah well, I guess Australia is a bit slow in everything =P

I guess it was the hype more than anything!



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