Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shanghai Dumpling House

Shanghai Dumpling House
25 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 8555

A was in Melbourne for a few days! She hasn't been back since the end of last year, and really missed the rowdiness of Melbourne compared to Alice Springs =P so she suggested coming to Shanghai Dumpling House - where we came a year or two ago with another friend. That time, while we were waiting in line, we met a group of Canadians who ended up sitting at the same table as us upstairs. We looked at the menu and saw they had a buffet for $12 per head - all you can eat dumplings of all kinds, various buns, steamed vegetables, fried rice, dessert items eg pumpkin cake.. it was a bargain to the max! But it's minimum of I think 5 people for the buffet - since we only had 3 this time, we couldn't get the buffet, and instead just chose our own dumplings =)

We got here nice and early this time - 6pm so we didn't have to wait in line at all =)

We got 2 serves of spring rolls to share - ~$3 for 3 spring rolls to start off with.

Spring rolls

Too bad they're vegetarian, so the filling wasn't that tasty - but spring rolls are always a great entree =)

Of course we had to get a plate of fried pork dumplings - 15 for ~$8

Fried pork dumplings

So oily but deliciously crunchy bottom with juicy mince inside =)

Next came the dimplings in chili oil ~$7

Dumplings in chili oil

I've never ordered this before - I thought the chili oil would be more thick and more like a sauce as opposed to a soup, but it wasn't, so it wasn't as chili as I thought it would be - which is good =P Dumplings just tasted like the normal steamed pork dumplings, with the slightest hint of chili on the outside - not too bad =)

We ordered a plate of noodles just in case we weren't full - stirfry noodles with seafood ~$8

Stirfry noodles with seafood

I wasn't a fan of the noodles - was a bit tasteless and I guess it's just me personally not really liking egg noodles.

Lastly came the steamed Shanghai dumplings ~$8

Steamed Shanghai dumplings

My favourite dumplings of all time! <3 The skin is a bit thick here compared to the perfect ones, but the meat is very juicy and when you bite into the dumpling, delicious soup leaks out =) Perfect with a touch of vinegar!

We were so full after it all - what can you expect for less than $15 per head!

Feel a bit dirty every time I come here, everything is so rush rush from ordering to the food coming to our table and the man kept trying to shoo us out - we realized why afterwards, the line outside was massively long! I don't think I'd ever line up for dumplings here again, but once in a while - cheap dumplings are always good =)



See Max Brenner for our dessert afterwards..

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