Thursday, November 17, 2011

Auction Rooms

Auction Rooms
103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne
(Ph) 9326 7749

Brunch time with J again! This time wanted to try Auction Rooms - another breakfast place recommended by the Cheap Eats Guide with ☆☆☆ :)

This apparently used to be, as the name suggests, auction rooms. They renovated it and brought in some lockers doors?

And some wind chimes lol!

It's very roomy with high ceilings, can choose to sit outdoors, in the courtyard, high stools at the bench or little tables - we sat at a little table =) We didn't have to wait at all - plenty of tables, but I guess it is a Thursday morning, compared to when we went to Dead Man Espresso lol..

I was running late so J had ordered a Flat White... coffee art! <3

We're both coffee n00bs but she said it was so smooth didn't even need to add any sugar in! =) Though the sugar looks a bit dodge and dirty in the old can soup tin..

Kinda gross looking aye?

We both ordered the same thing (again! like at Seven Seeds =P They actually have a "La Fin de Elvis Presley" - french toast filled with caramelised banana & rum puree & creamed peanut butter, served with crispy pancetta & vanilla cream here which is very similar to the dish we got at Seven Seeds). We got "The Shady Deal" - moroccan tomato & chorizo stew, with eggplant, olives, poached eggs, dukkah & feta, served with grilled flat bread $16.50

Mmmm looks so delicious! and tasted delicious too =D The flat bread unrolls into like a crown-like shape... how cool =)

The stew was full of flavours - delicious dipping the flat bread into it =) cherry tomatoes and eggplant and chorizo =) One of my poached eggs was a tad too cooked so the yolk wasn't as runny though =( I was asking J what the cheesy mush was, 'cause it kinda tasted like goat's cheese but kinda like feta too, and they took the menu away so we forgot what it said =P it was actually "dukkah & feta" - dukkah is apparently "a side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts & spices", so I guess it was a mix of feta and other mush stuff =P very tasty though =)

We were STUFFED after our dish - it doesn't look that big but it was soo filling!

7.5/10 - super yum and full of flavours! =) Wouldn't definitely like to try some other dishes here!

2/5 - they were very attentive to order coffees but when we wanted to order food they took forever to come take our orders!

4/5 - very nice open place with high ceilings, large variety of seating areas =)

<3 brunch!


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