Monday, November 14, 2011

Ramen Ya

Ramen Ya
108 Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9662 1001

We were coming here for A's birthday - I'm not a fan of ramen but I wasn't doing anything and P wasn't here so decided to come out and see the buddies =) Also, I found an ad in a magazine for this place earlier this week and the ramen looked so tasty!

Hopefully it'll bring me back to Ramen Alley in Hokkaido! =D

We were meeting there at 7pm - I was late and got there at 7.10pm and no one was there yet!

By the time they all arrived, I was starving and decided to order first. You have to go up to the counter to order and pay, so it's kinda like fast-foodish. But what do you expect for the cheap food - $10 for a bowl of ramen =) I decided to get the House Special - Charshu Ramen (sliced marinated pork) with Tonkotsu (pork) soup base. Even though the Gyoza Ramen looked very tasty but thought I should get the house special.

Charshu Ramen

This looks slightly disappointing - the sliced pork wasn't lined up nicely like they do in the picture, hidden under all the other stuff. They only gave 3 very thinly sliced pieces of marinated meat - what a rip (and I definitely searched thoroughly)! Maybe they were running out so they were being stingy but then I saw S's bowl had 4 slices and hers came later than mine! And the slices were so thin and small you can barely taste anything =/ And they gave soo much spring onion - you can see it fills up pretty much half the bowl! So much bamboo shoot and pickled vegetables which I don't like =( The ramen was alright, parts of it were stuck together so that wasn't very good. The soup base was pretty tasty though it was quite salty by the end of the bowl.

Should have definitely ordered the gyoza ramen instead - at least they would have given more gyoza (or I'd hope =/)

4/10 - didn't really like this, kinda disappointing - next time I'll try a different soup base and with gyoza instead.

2/5 - apart from the fact we have to go up to order and get our own water, the food came out very quickly and the waitresses took our plates promptly. They accidentally gave us an extra bowl of ramen which was cool by us =P

2/5 - quite casual, not bad =)

P will definitely want to come try this at some point since he loves ramen so maybe I'll come back later with him, but it'd definitely not be something I'd choose =P


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