Monday, February 27, 2012

By Korea

By Korea
222 La Trobe St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9662 2370

Lunch with P and M and his brother! I was kinda craving Stone Bowl rice so I suggested By Korea - I've actually walked past it multiple times on my way to Oriental Spoon before but never stepped inside =P

There was lunch specials - $10 for a "Bento box" plus a drink - pretty good value! Too bad the Bibimbab wasn't on the list =P

I got a Beef Bibimbab $13

Wow so much stuff! Stone bowl rice, a miso soup, kimchi and some fried egg roll. The miso soup was ridiculously salty though, like they put double the amount of miso in it by accident. The fried egg roll were quite tasty though - like the Japanese tamagoyaki but not as sweet =)

The stone bowl was soo hot! Made my rice super crunchy - super like! Even after I had fully finished my meal, the bowl was still very hot - made me sweat a lot haha. The mix of sweet marinated beef, Chinese mushrooms, vegetables, fried egg  and crunchy rice was perfect! Gotta say was one of the best Bibimbab I've ever had =)

P had a Beef Bulgogi set lunch menu plus a soft drink $10

Looks like a Bento box aye? The beef was a tad salty but overall quite good with a bit of everything - fried egg roll, fried dumplings, kimchi and a piece of fruit. P was surprisingly very full from it even though it doesn't look very big =P

8/10 - my Bibimbab was super tasty =D and P's lunch box was quite good value for money

2/5 - Asian restaurants, what can you say? Food came very quickly though =)

2/5 - wish they had the aircon higher - I was sweating so much from my Bibimbab! But actually the others didn't complain so maybe it was just me =P


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