Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kokoro Ramen

Kokoro Ramen
157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9650 1215

Yay J was back in Melbourne! We decided to try our a new ramen place that one of our friend's works at =) Our last ramen experience together wasn't very nice (see Ramen Ya) so we were having low expectations but given our friend, who's Japanese, works here, it can't be that bad =)

There were so many delicious sounding choices - first there's the soup base
Tokyo Ramen - pure chicken & seafood stock
Tonkatsu Shio - salt base pork & chicken stock
Tonkatsu Shoyu - soy sauce base pork & chicken stock
Tonkatsu Miso - soybean paste base pork & chicken stock

I don't know how you can have both pork and chicken stock but anyway. Then you choose what toppings you want, you can even pick your own combination of toppings with whatever soup you want.

I settled for the Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen with fried soft shell crab $15 and J got the Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen with fried chicken $12.50

Food came very quickly - we were soo hungry! They actually gave me half a soft shell crab! I was so surprised! Would have been better if they served it on a separate plate though so it wouldn't get soggy (like I asked for at Ajisen Ramen) - I ended up putting it on the piece of seaweed to save it from the soup =P They also gave me a few slices of cha siu (bonus!) and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg! The ramen were a lot thinner than what I thought ramen should be like - or maybe this is more authentic? Still was very delicious and very filling! Soup was tasty as well, definitely not as salty as Ramen Ya's and I like how they sprinkled sesame seeds over it - makes it look more impressive =P Weren't too over the board with the spring onions either unlike Ajisen Ramen.

J was very impressed with her bowl either - definitely better than our last ramen experience!

We were both very satisfied with our meals - at around 7.30pm we saw them put a sign on the door saying "SOLD OUT" - wow sold out of ramen so early?! Lucky we came early!

Next time I'll try some of their Japanese wines - check out all the bottles on the wall!

7/10 - little bit more expensive compared to the other ramen shops but was quite delicious! Gave more toppings compared to my other ramen experiences and the ramen and soup were both thumbs up!

3/5 - food came very quickly!

3/5 - was quite quiet on this weekday night, so was quite pleasant =)

Definitely wasn't a disappointment!


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