Wednesday, February 22, 2012


QV Square, Corner Swanston & Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9662 9409

Hanaichi used to be such a norm for us back when we were in high school in Brisbane - $5 for a bowl of stuff with rice, super good value! When it opened in Melbourne in a few years ago, I was super happy 'cause it reminded me of Brisbane - although it was about $0.50-1.00 more expensive =P We tried it when it first opened up and our impression of it wasn't very good - dry chicken and just not very tasty overall =(

M was in Melbourne and we wanted to go somewhere super cheap for lunch so decided to give Hanaichi another go. P got Chicken Hanaichi with Rice - fried battered chicken, mixed salad, served on top of rice with special Hanaichi sauce and Tartar sauce and garnished with tomato, coriander and shallot ~$6.80. He wanted to upsize it for an extra ~$1.00 but I said he can just take my rice - I remember in Brisbane you used to get free extra rice!

I actually think he ordered this last time as well =P But it was actually quite tasty this time! Fried chicken with enough sauce to go around and some tomatoes to make it "healthier" =P

I got the Miso Katsudon (Pork) - crunchy fried pork cutlets on top of rice served with Miso sauce (soybean paste) and mixed salad, garnished with yellow pickles and sesame seed ~$6.40

This was actually not as tasty as I remembered it to be =( There wasn't enough miso sauce so the pork pieces were a bit dry - should have got the curry instead.

6/10 - not the best food but for the money we paid for it - definitely not bad!

2/5 - was quite packed during lunch time, lucky we got some seats at the long communal table

not really any service here since it's pretty much fast food =P


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