Sunday, February 26, 2012

Il Gambero on the Park

Il Gambero on the Park
166 Lygon St, Carlton
(Ph) 9663 2246

All visitors to Melbourne always want to come to Lygon St for Italian food - personally I think it's way too overrated but since I had an Entertainment voucher for Il Gambero anyway and it's not bad there thought I'd take my other P there - he can be P2 =)

I had actually come here with some other Brisbane friends last year - see here for that post.

We got here at nearly 8pm on Sunday night - the street was still very full and lively as per usual. P2 had been having a lot of pizza lately so he said he wanted some pasta, while P1 wanted some pizza - so we decided to share 3 dishes.

Dimattina Fettucini - chicken, avocado, pesto, spring onions, dash of cream & napoli sauce with pine nuts $18.90 (large)

2 coloured fettucini with lots of chicken and avocado and sauce - just how I like it! Such an interesting combination of pesto and cream and napoli sauce but works well together! Gotta say was one of the best chicken pastas I've had =)

We decided to get the pasta special - Calamari & chorizo linguine tossed with olive oil, garlic, spanish onions, chilli puree with a touch of napoli sauce $23.50

The linguine looks pretty much the same as the fettucini except the fettucini had 2 colours - I thought linguine is meant to be thinner? We asked the waiter and he said they were what they're meant to be hmm. This was very delicious too, with a touch of spice - the chilli puree. P liked this pasta better but I found it lacked a bit in sauce - personal taste =)

We got one pizza to share. Mark's Special - garlic, herb, cheese, salami, bacon, caramelised onions and prawns $22 (large)

Man it was massive! Crusty base and lots of cheeeeeese =D I espeically liked the caramelised onion - gave the pizza a bit of sophistication =) Why is it that when you eat pizza out at restaurants they always give you so little toppings? I guess that's how pizza's are meant to be =P

8/10 - P2 who used to work at a pizza store and loves Italian food said the food here was good too =)

3/5 - waiters were very friendly here - P2 was especially interested in one of the waitresses =P though they were quite busy and at times took a while to get their attention =/

3/5 - nice ambient restaurant =)


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