Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat
203 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9662 2733

I was back from my holiday and P was dying to eat out, especially yumcha, so we decided to go to Dragon Boat. The normal restaurant one, not the buffet one - which wasn't very good last time I went.

We got there at 11am - they don't do sessions here, just yumcha daily from 8am! We thought that'd be great 'cause it means there'd be food whenever, but how wrong we were =( We were waiting for buns but the waitresses kept saying "they're coming" - we left at 12.45pm and they still hadn't come out yet =/ no 叉燒包 (BBQ pork bun) or my favourite 流沙包 (runny sand bun)! =(

We got a few dim sims - were quite good though.

牛肉腸粉 (beef steamed rice noodle rolls) - doesn't look very good but tastes better than it looks =P

燒賣 (pork dumpling) - so obese looking! and full of prawns!

排骨 (spare ribs) - presentation is not their strength here but taste is alright =P

糯米雞 (sticky rice) - wish there was more chicken but there was salty egg yolk in it which was a bonus =)

Fried wonton - P wanted 蝦餃 (steamed prawn dumpling) but he knows I don't like prawns so got fried wonton instead, at least I like fried food =P

豆腐花 (tofu flower) - yum! Smooth, sweet and gingery =P

Wow not rated very highly on Urbanspoon at all, thought it was not too bad =P


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