Friday, April 13, 2012

Brown Bagels

Brown Bagels
Shop 10, Equitable Place, 330 Collins St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9670 9114

Bagels with E! We had wanted to come to Brown Bagels last time when we went to Manchester Press but it doesn't open on weekends so finally got a chance to on this day =)

It's a little cafe in a little alley off Collins St run by Asians - with only 2 short communal tables. Mainly for people to get takeaway bagels and coffee. Everything is pre-cooked here apart from toasting up the bagels - all the meats are cooked already, so it's more like a sandwich cafe.

There's quite a large variety of bagels - sweet or savoury options and lots of different flavours =)

I went for the Chicken - chives, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, spanish onion, tasty cheese, lettuce $8.50 with a Sesame bagel

So much stuff inside!

Definitely too big to put in my mouth but was super tasty in a freshly toasted bagel =) My favourite avocado and cream cheese in the one! I normally don't like chicken breast but the pieces were very tender and tasty. I like how the bagel is made up, like at Jungle Juice Bar, unlike at Manchester Press where they treat the bagel like a piece of toast.

E went for a Salami - basil pesto, cream cheese, fetta, sundried tomato, lettuce $8.50 with a Rye bagel

So much stuff inside that it won't stand up anymore! =P I guess these bagels are more like lunch bagels as opposed to the ones at Manchester Press which are more breakfast like - but all very yummo =)

7/10 - quite tasty, but come here more for lunch not for breakfast!

2/5 - most people came for takeaway bagels so the lack of seats wasn't much of a problem


3/5 - waiter brought us water without asking =)


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