Sunday, April 15, 2012

Petaling Street

Petaling Street
162 Swanston St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9639 8264

Catching up with college friends again - we had initially wanted to go to Papa Rich in QV but the line there was ridiculously long on this Saturday night (it's always like that when a new restaurant opens eg Taiwan Cafe) so we decided to go to Petaling Street instead. Still Malaysian food anyway =P There are quite a few Petaling Street's around Melbourne - P had gone there when this one first opened up and said it was okay but I never had a chance to try it.

I actually wanted a Roti dish but their Roti's here are just Roti's stuffed with various ingredients but not as a main dish. So I settled for Nasi Lemak Special (Chicken or Beef) - traditional hawker type coconut flavoured rice served with peanut, cucumber, egg, ikan bilis & a choice of curry chicken or curry beef $10.50 I wanted chicken but they said they ran out of chicken for the night - how ridiculous?!

Presentation needs to improve =P The curry was sooo hot! or maybe I'm so used to Westernised curry =( and I was expecting deliciously coconuty soft rice but the rice was dry and some bits were hard >__> ikan bilis is anchovy - and man it was so spicy! Lucky I ordered a Teh Ice $3.50, Malaysian style pulled milk tea - was very tasty, milky and sweet, cooled me down from the spiciness =P

P wasn't very hungry and said he felt like some plain congee - V suggested he get the Malaysian Ginger and Spring Onion Fish Congee $11.80

It's very interesting! A pot of fried then stewed fish with sauce came...

Then a pot of white congee! And you're meant to mix it together yourself =) So different! The fish + sauce was very tasty mixed with the congee though didn't fulfil P's wishes for a neutral plain meal =P Next time I think I'll order this!

Some of our friends ordered the whole steamed fish + rice for $13.80 - many different sauces to choose from. So cheap a whole steamed fish for $13.80 - can't say it's a good quality fish but when we buy a fish from Boxhill costs at least $15 already! *sigh* totally ordered the wrong dish!

5/10 - didn't really like my dish but P's was quite good - and I will try the steamed fish next time, and maybe one of those interesting flavoured roti's!

2/5 - didn't even know there was an upstairs before i came in! but upstairs caters for bigger groups =)

2/5 - Asian - what do you expect? =P


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