Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf
155 Burwood Highway, Burwood East
(Ph) 9802 3788

P wanted yum cha again and since we were doing some grocery shopping at Boxhill, I decided to find somewhere close by (why is Boxhill such an Asian suburb but without any decent yum cha places?). Came across Gold Leaf at Burwood EAST. It's a chain of Chinese restaurants in Melbourne and reviews seemed pretty good so thought we'd give it a try =)

We set the GPS to 155 Burwood Highway in Burwood - figured that's right yeah? The trip took double the normal time 'cause of traffic so we were super hungry. GPS takes us to a strip of the highway next to the Presbyterian Ladies College - nothing else there except a Hungry Jacks =/ We called the restaurant up to check the address - it was 155 Burwood Highway. We set the GPS again, did a u-turn and went back to see if we missed it - nope nothing else except the HJs. We called the restaurant up and asked where they were in respect to Hungry Jacks - they said it's actually Burwood EAST not Burwood =__________=;;;;; I then looked it up on my iPhone and sure enough - 155 Burwood Highway, Burwood EAST was a few minutes east of where we were. How can there be two 155 Burwood Highway's on the same street?! =_________= soo ridiculous!

We were so pissed off by the time we got there that we had a bad impression of the place already - hopefully the food would make up for it! We got there at 1pm and the waiter asked if we had made a booking, and if not we'd have to leave by 1.45pm. We didn't care by then just wanted food =P

First up came the 蝦餃 (prawn dumplings).

Wow they're so much bigger than normal ones! I don't normally like prawns but decided to have one, 'cause the prawns were very big and not just prawn bits. Very thin skin as well =)

They had a 流沙包 (runny sand bun) straight up and of course I got one! This is the first restaurant which makes runny sand bun's without having to order them - don't know if that's good or bad, means they're not freshly steamed but also means they have an abundance of them =)

Pretty tasty but SUPER runny! A bit too runny actually =P I like it with small bits of yolk in it as well - the best is still Shark Fin or Crystal Jade though =)

The next trolley only had plum spare ribs so we got one instead of waiting for the black bean one.

I actually I like this one more compared to the black bean one - very delicious and not too much tendon =) and wow they give so much meat and no random taro/vegetables on the bottom to make it look bigger.

P couldn't resist getting a fried prawn dumpling. There was actually fried prawn dumpling or fried wonton - I really don't know what the difference is but P said the prawn dumpling has more prawn and less skin? lol

And yes, the prawns were nice and fat - definitely very generous here!

P had to get a 燒賣 (pork dumpling) as well - I wish I could save some tummy space and try something new but no, these are his default dishes XP

Super big fat dumplings! So much meat! Though the skin was a bit dry and was quite loose on the dumpling - strange 'cause normally the skin is moist and wraps the dumpling.

P saw some big fat 煎堆 (sesame glutinous balls) on our way in to our table. We wanted or order some but didn't see any on any of the trolleys so we asked the waiter to bring us a dish - I accidentally told the waiter I wanted them cut before P told me he wanted to eat the balls whole =/

So it came as a pile of deflated glutinous ball =P It was a bit burnt actually, little bit disappointing. I usually like the ones with red bean inside but P wanted the big empty ones instead.

Of course we had to end the meal with a dessert - tofu flower!

Super sweet and gingery and smooth <3

7/10 - very generous with their dishes! Everything was very meaty and full!

3/5 - love the yumcha atmosphere, feels like I'm in Hong Kong =)

3/5 - very good, cleared our plates and filled our teapots very promptly =) Too bad they gave us a time limit =P

So now we know where it is, maybe we will come back again =P


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