Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giraffe Cafe

Giraffe Cafe
302 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9640 0889

Had been meaning to come to this cafe for a while - it's in the Cheap Eats Guide rated ☆. It's really in the middle of no where - finally found it, a little cafe with the "C" fallen off their sign =P

The decor here is amazing - brings you back to childhood =) In the middle of the cafe is a wishing tree and a giraffe!

Every corner and wall is filled with toys and giraffes so cute!

All the seats here are random, kinda like Kinfolk - I like =) some even sofa-like chairs for you to enjoy your coffee and cake and chill for hours on end =)

I wonder where they got some of their decorations from - a typewriter?!

And a super small cute chess set!

Bookshelves are filled with all sorts of toys and decorations =)

The wall with the moosehead!

And the pile of old books.

We came at 11am and the cafe was empty - we got a bit concerned but then realised the cafe mainly does lunch and dinner, sure enough at 12 noon it started filling up and there were even tables reserved!

The waiters here are all Asian but they mainly serve Western food and a few random Asian dishes like dumplings and noodles.

There was a special going on - free free tea, coffee or juice with one of the pies or the wraps =)

J ordered a Green Lentil & Feta Wrap + Salad $10

And I got a Homemade chicken and herb pie with salad OR mash potatoes $10

I knew the Shepherd's Pie's meant to be really good here but I didn't feel like potatoes so decided to get the chicken pie instead.

Flavours were quite good but it wasn't really a pie - more like a soup inside! Was so watery! Should have added some gravy or something? =P

J got a Blueberry and Pomegranate juice and I got a Orange Apple and Mango juice - normally $3.50 each!

Their desserts are meant to be delicious here so we decided to share one. Molten centre Callebaut Belgium dark chocolate pudding served hot with vanilla ice-cream $7.90

Callebaut is a Belgium Chocolate company - I wonder if their chocolate is really Callebaut? Sure enough it was super tasty! =D Dark chocolate with a molted centre and delicious icecream - if only they gave more icecream 'cause the chocolate was really sweet =P We were sooo full!

Next time I want to try the Tiramisu - Italian cheese, liquor, and espresso dipped sponge served in a glass ramekin in DIY style =) Or their fondues! Which are only available after 5pm.

6/10 - desserts are better than the mains here though quite cheap and not too bad =)

4/5 - great atmosphere! Could really sit here for hours chilling~

3/5 - food came very fast! If only they had turned the aircon on when we came in first instead of when the food came =P


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