Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dumpling World

Dumpling World
620 Collins Street, Melbourne

This restaurant used to be a Chinese restaurant - I never tried it but P said it wasn't very good. A few weeks ago we saw it became "Dumpling World" - not sure if it's the same owners but it looked quite busy and I <3 dumplings so thought we'd give it a try!

P wanted Pork Wonton in Soup (15pcs or 8pcs with noodle) $9.00. We opted for the wonton only option since we came here for dumplings anyway =P

These wontons don't really look like wontons... more like dumplings... they don't have the long flowy tails but instead are just folded to one side =( So when you bite into it there's lots of skin on one side =/

And the soup was a very strange... it was a seaweed soup - how strange with wontons?! but that's not the worst part - there were lots of bitsy stuff on the bottom, I don't mean the normal spring onions and coriander stuff, but there were white bits at the bottom - kinda looked like rice o_Oa hmmm

We also got a Pork and Cabbage Dumpling (15 pcs) $8.80 - extra $1.00 for fried dumplings. Who doesn't get dumplings fried?! Le sigh.

Big dumplings! Meat was quite tasty and juicy but the skin was a tad thick... and they didn't fry it enough, wasn't that crunchy - I paid an extra $1.00 for the crunchiness!

How could I go to a dumpling place without ordering Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling (8 pcs) $9.80

Looks so regular shaped and stiff and not very juicy hmm...

But there was actually a lot of juice inside! And the meat was quite tasty =) Though no ginger given and the meat wasn't gingery at all - unlike Shanghai Street Dumpling =( Skin was a tad thick too in comparison to Shanghai Street... P said maybe they buy the dumplings pre-made 'cause they all looked so regular but I think that would cost them more... you'd think if you open a dumpling restaurant you'd have someone who can actually make XLBs =P

5/10 - was alright... maybe a tad better than Shanghai Dumpling House and cleaner =P but definitely doesn't compare with Shanghai Street Dumpling <3

3/5 - surprisingly quite good for a Chinese restaurant =P

3/5 - not bad, quite spacious inside =)


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