Monday, August 29, 2011

Ikea Restaurant - Part 2

Ikea Restaurant
Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre
Corner Victoria St and Burnley St
Richmond 3121
(Ph) 8416 5000

See Part 1 for dinner here.

P and I finally managed to get Ikea's famous $2.95 hot breakfast! Last time we attempted to get it - we got here at 10.40am ('cause we had to wait 20mins for the tram =_______=) and they had run out of sausages and egg already =/ Even though I had called them and they said they served breakfast till 11am. This time we drove to Ikea - more like P drove so it took a bit longer =P and we got there just after 10am and yay! They still had the Hot Breakfast - fresh scrambled eggs, Aussie bacon and pork sausage, tomato and hashbrown $2.95 =)

Hot Breakfast

For $2.95, this is awesome! The hashbrowns were so crunchy and yumo =D The scrambled eggs I'm pretty sure, is not "fresh scrambled eggs" - more like egg powder, but this is so much healthier than Maccas breakfast and is so much cheaper too! And since last time we didn't get the sausage, I was really looking forward to the sausage - tastes like any good old pork sausage =)

We also got one Swedish Meatball Breakfast - the standard Hot Breakfast with bacon and sausage, as well as a serving of our iconic meatballs $4.95

Swedish Meatball Breakfast

We were going to share the meatballs - though P and I agreed the meatballs don't really go well with the hot breakfast, and we were so used to having it with the Lingonberry Jam and the mashed potatos that it didn't feel quite right =P

Since I love the Daim Cake here, I really felt like I had to have a slice, even though I was so full from the breakfast! I walked to the counter again and found something new! A Raspberry Cheesecake for $1! =D

Raspberry Cheesecake

Wow I've never bought a slice of cake for $1 before! It wasn't a great cheesecake, and especially 'cause I don't really like raspberry normally - more 'cause I don't like the seeds, but there weren't any seeds on the raspberry glaze here so I didn't mind it =) But for $1, it was super satisfying =D If only there was more "cheese" in the "cake" =P

We walked to the supermarket when I decided I really wanted to buy a bag of their meatballs (Kottbullar) - 1kg for $11.99 so I can have it for dinner at home one day. After we bought the bag, I walked past a recipe card with the Kottbullar recipe on it for customers to take home! It looks so easy to make as well *sigh* I paid $11.99 for the recipe basically lol =P And I just looked online and it says the bag of meatballs is meant to be only $9.99! They ripped us off =(

P saw they had an Apple Cider (A semi-sweet cider-like beverage with a light and fruity taste of apple) and a Pear Cider here - $2.99 for a 500ml bottle. He said it's well worth it, considering Rekorderlig costs $6 a bottle. But they ripped us again - online it says it costs $2.49! Nonetheless, the Apple Cider was delicious! Not too cidery with just enough sparkle and a touch of apple =) They had a special going on a Medium Meatballs, an Apple Cake and an Apple Cider for $10 - next time we come here for dinner we'll so get that!

I also saw they sell the Daim Cake here! $11.99 the the whole cake. P and I reckon they cut 8 slices out of each cake - and they're usually sold for $3.99 each - they make so much profit! Our freezer is quite full now, otherwise I would have so bought a cake home.. next time!



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