Friday, September 28, 2012

Citi Bake

Citi Bake
140 King Street, Melbourne
(Ph) 9621 3000

Lunch with P! We had initially wanted to go to Shanghai Dumplings on King Street but the line was way too long, so we went around the corner to Citi Bake. The pies here have always looked good every time we go past it. 

It's quite a spacious cafe with a cute bookshelf to one side next to some sofas - comfy but not very practical to eat on =P

Their steak pies are meant to be good so we got one each - I got Steak and mushroom, and P got Steak and bacon, $4 each.

Picture inside the Steak and bacon pie - there's not much bacon (or mushroom in the other one). More or less just like a normal steak pie - not bad, but nothing special.

We were still hungry so we went for something sweet. P got a Vanilla Slice $3

and I got a Apple pie $3

The vanilla custard in the Vanilla slice was quite tasty and creamy, but the icing layer was so thick and hard - would have been nicer if there was less icing and more puff pastry.

The Apple pie was similar too - the apple filling was really delicious, but the pastry was a bit too thick. And I normally love shortbread crust, but there was just too much of it =(

5/10 - not too bad as a bakery, but nothing too special

3/5 - quite a big spacious cafe

2/5 - you order at the counter, so not much of service here, but the waiters are quite friendly


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