Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiamo 2

Tiamo 2
305 Lygon St, Carlton
(Ph) 9347 0911

After only coming to Tiamo a few weeks ago, I came back to Lygon Street again, but to it's sister restaurant - Tiamo 2! It's meant to have less traditional Italian dishes and more unique/gourmet ones. And I guess it's the higher class of the two, as all the tables are set with wine glasses compared with Tiamo.

They have meat and seafood dishes here, but I was craving some pasta. There's not a wide range of choices but decided to go for the Penne Ragu - small tubed pasta with stewed meat cooked in a rich wine & tomato sauce with shavings of Parmesan cheese $16.90

Pasta was cooked perfectly al dente =) The sauce was rich with flavour but wish they were more generous with the meat - I like my pasta with lots of sauce and stuff =P

6.5/10 - pastas are good here, definitely more unique compared to the traditional pastas served at Tiamo =)

2/5 - no complimentary bread here?! You'd think at the slightly higher class restaurant (compared with Tiamo) that they would definitely give you complimentary bread =P

4/5 - we booked a table so they seated us upstairs, pretty spacious area


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