Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll
107 Grey St, St Kilda
(Ph) 9525 5999

Dr Jekyll has been rated ☆☆☆ by the Cheap Eats Guide so thought I should bring my Brisbane friends here. Would have taken them to one of "THE Melbourne" brunch places but knew the waiting line would be at least half an hour so thought I should give St Kilda a try on this Sunday morning.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a novella written by Robert Louis Stevenson about the investigation of Dr Jekyll who has to battle between the good and the bad within himself - the good Dr Jekyll and the evil Mr Hyde. It is commonly used to describe people with split personalities or people who act very different morally in different circumstances.

So this cafe is called Dr Jekyll, so only the good side of things =) You have the option of sitting outside  in the courtyard amongst the garden or inside the cafe. We chose to sit inside against the window - finally the Melbourne sun is out! The waiter told us to wait in the courtyard for 5 minutes for them to clear the table, not bad for a Sunday morning =)

I was tossing between the Brekkie burger: fried egg, leg ham, chorizo, melted cheese, house chutney & roquette $13.50 or the Brekkie trout: scrambled eggs served on grilled viennoise, house cured ocean trout & chive creme fraiche $16.50. I went for the Brekkie trout and it didn't disappoint me =)

The scrambled egg was so fluffy and flavoursome, not sure if I could tell the smoked salmon was "house cured" but never mind, was still quite good with the chive creme fraiche =P Whatever viennoise bread is meant to be, it was delicious - soft and fluffy and slightly sweet, like a broiche, or something you'd get from an Asian bakery. The bread is really the hero of the dish, but complimented well with all the components =)

P went for the Brekkie melt with bacon, beetroot puree, melted mozzarella, 2 fried eggs and a side of rocket $16.50 which was found on the Specials board.

This unfortunately, sounds better than it actually tasted. The pile of rocket salad was a bit sad looking - and who serves rocket by itself? It's so bitter =/ The "melt" was not what we expected, we were expecting more of like a pressed sandwich with melted goodies inside but it was really just a bread with some stuff on top. I'm not a fan of beetroot so didn't really like the beetroot puree, though it didn't taste of much =/ So really it was just bacon and eggs with cheese on toast... hmm...

6/10 - I would definitely recommend the Brekkie Trout, but just stick with the normal menu and not the "specials". P should have totally ordered the Brekkie Burger instead!

3/5 - quite nice sitting against the window, there are cushions for you to sit on too =) got a bit too hot after a while! Maybe we should have seated outside in the cool garden instead =P

2/5 - we were at the corner table, and the table next to us was meant to seat 3, but 5 people seated there, so the waiter couldn't get to our table to give us our food. So we played pass-the-plate from the neighbouring table to us... didn't feel very professional but I guess it's the community feel of brunch cafes?


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