Thursday, September 20, 2012


Crown Entertainment Complex, Southbank
(Ph) 9292 7406

Friends were visiting Melbourne, and they wanted to go gamble at Grown, so we decided to grab dinner beforehand there. We were in the gaming area already, what better place than Margo's - bonus it's in the Entertainment book =)

Complimentary bread and butter as we sat down =) I was having a craving for pasta so I got the Penne Carbonara - bacon, cream, egg, garlic, parmesan cheese $14.50

It was so ridiculously creamy and cheesy - this is coming from someone who loves cream and cheese normally! Pasta was cooked slightly too soft for my liking, but was alright overall. Surprisingly very filling!

P wanted fish and chips. Beer battered flathead fillets - served with French fries and tartare sauce $19.90. The waiter said they had run out of flathead and were serving hake instead and asked if he was okay with it, so he said okay.

This was a massive disappointment. The fish pieces were so small, and the fish was so rubbery, like it's from those frozen fish packets. Totally should have said no when they said they ran out of flathead =( And they were not very generous with the french fries either... lucky P could eat my pasta otherwise he would have been still hungry afterwards =/

5/10 - I've been here before, and the food was better from my memory, maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes this time..

2/5 - it's a bit loud and rowdy in there, but what do you expect being right in the gaming area?

3/5 - it's quite busy here all the time but food came quite promptly =)


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