Thursday, September 6, 2012

De Clieu

De Clieu
187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9416 4661

Brunch again! <3 We decided to venture slightly outside the CBD this time - De Clieu was given ☆☆☆ by Cheap Eats Guide and 3 coffee cups by Good Cafe Guide. The chef actually used to work at Giant Steps/Innocent Bystander which we only recently visited =) We recognized one of the waiters also works at Seven Seeds, I guess they are the same group so they share workers and waiters? =P

Gabriel De Clieu managed to bring a single coffee plant from Paris all the way to the Carribean Seas, sharing his own water rations with the plant, and started the French Caribbean coffee plantations there. It was because of his dedication to coffee that the Seven Seeds group decided to name their new cafe after him =)

So of course J and I had to order a coffee each, even though we're not super fans =P I got a Chai Latte with soy, which is really cheating 'cause it's not really coffee, but yum! <3

And J got a Cappuccino - smooooth =)

The menu is full of so many interesting choices! I decided to go for the Sweet roasted Berkshire pork neck with fried free-range egg, spring onion roti & barbeque sauce $16.5

Wasn't sure what to expect but it had fully exceeded my expectations! A new take on bacon and eggs with toast - modern Australian indeed =) The pork neck was so soft, tender and juicy. The roti was crunchy yet slightly chewy, non-oily and just delicious with the sweet barbeque sauce =)

J got the W. A. King Brown mushrooms on white sourdough toast with scrambled eggs & white truffle oil $17.0

Big fat juicy mushrooms! <3 The scrambled eggs were very smooth and the toast was good, but the hero was definitely the mushrooms =) J likes her mushrooms hehe ^^

8/10 - definitely recommend the pork neck, delicious indeed! =) wanna come back and try some of their other very interesting sounding dishes too!

4/5 - quite a small cafe compared to Seven Seeds but very comfortable sitting against the window with the sun on our backs =)

3/5 - it was quite busy on this weekday so they were a bit short on waiter staff but we didn't mind sitting at the communal tables chatting~

Definitely a recommendation!


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