Monday, September 17, 2012

Max Cafe Bar

Max Cafe Bar
58 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
(Ph) 9600 1697

Some Brisbane friends came down to Melbourne, and I initially wanted to go to Manchester Press for brunch on Sunday, but the wait was 30mins plus and we were starving so decided to go somewhere else. Hardware Lane was nearby so decided to go eat there. We walked past Max Cafe Bar, where the waiters are like at Lygon Street, trying to lure you in to eat at their restaurant. I really hate that but we were hungry and it looked quite full there so thought we'd give it a try.

The breakfast menu is quite limited, and it was nearly midday so they gave us the lunch menu as well, but it feels weird eating non-breakfast food first thing in the morning so we stuck with the breakfast menu. P got the Max Big Breakfast with Eggs, Bacon, Chorizo, Mushroom & Spinach $19.90

Pretty standard and ordinary. What is in that sauce jug? Tasted kinda like hollandaise but not really either =/ Very strange.

I got the Max Omelette with Chorizo, Fetta & Roast Tomato $16.90

Very poor plating and aesthetics! Think the omelette is meant to be a full circle from the pan but it broke and totally failed... They should have made another one instead of serve it up like this =/ Very ordinary taste too, they should have broken the fetta up into smaller bits instead of just having 4 big bits in the whole omelette.

3/10 - don't come here for breakfast, think their mains (lunch/dinner) are better though

4/5 - we sat at the table outside on this sunny day so was quite nice.

2/5 - took a while trying to get their attention to give us water and to take our orders. They try to lure you into the restaurant but once you're in, they don't really give you the service =/


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