Saturday, September 15, 2012

City Grill Room

City Grill Room
535 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9602 2228

We had relatives come visit from China and we wanted to take them to somewhere "Australian". What's more Australian than steak? =P Plus it's in the Entertainment book =) It's a very spacious restaurant, and caters well for large groups. Lighting was very dark, and I forgot my camera, so apologies for the iPhone pictures with the ridiculous flash.

All their mains are flavoured with CGR baste when grilled, served with choice of chips or baked potato. All steaks are pasture fed. P got the Eye Fillet (200g) $34, cooked rare. Sauces are $4.50 each - choices are mushroom, black pepper, monkeygland, creamy garlic, green pepper, danish blue cheese. P decided to be adventurous and got the Danish Blue Cheese =)

The steak was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was surprisingly really good! I've recently grown to like blue cheese... this sauce was so strong yet goes really well with steak... and chips!

I got the Pork Spare Ribs (2 Racks) $36

Gotta say it's one of the best ribs I've had in Melbourne! Can't compare with Hurricane's in Sydney but these were very meaty and juicy and not dry =) Too bad I didn't have a sauce to dip my chips in so I dipped it in P's blue cheese sauce - seriously delicious!

The relatives aren't used to "raw vegetables" so we didn't get a salad, but instead got Char-grilled Vegetables (mushroom, capsicum, zucchini, & a pumpkin slice) $9

Wow we were kinda expecting them to be a bit more generous - one skewer of vegetables? And a massive slice of pumpkin - hmm.

The relatives ordered Lamb Loin Chops and Eye Fillet, served with baked potato. The potato was the biggest potato I've ever seen - about 15cm long! It was very plain, wrapped in aluminium foil and wasn't even served with sour cream or anything to go with it..

7/10 - steaks and ribs are good here, and go for the blue cheese sauce! Chips are crunchy and delicious but don't go for the baked potato or any vegetables lol.

2/5 - more lighting would be nice =P

4/5 - waiters are very attentive and polite here =)


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  1. I love to grill when it’s cold. It’s my way of keeping my body warm. You can never go wrong with steak and cheese! It goes perfectly well with a cold glass of wine.

    Bernardine Terranova