Friday, March 1, 2013

Golden Dragon Palace

Golden Dragon Palace
363 Manningham Rd, Templestowe
(Ph) 9852 4086

For once I had a Saturday off! We were going to go to Boxhill for lunch and shopping but decided to go yumcha first instead. We wanted to go to a new place - found this place on Urbanspoon, looks expensive but we'd give it a go. The waiters asked if we had made a booking (this was 1pm), we said no and they seemed a bit reluctant but finally said there was a table free for us.

Started off with 燒賣 (siu mai) - bit irregular sized? =P

They had 小籠包 (xiao long bao) here! Though a bit disappointing - no soup inside =(

P's favourite 排骨 (pai gu) - pretty good here.

蛋撻 (egg tarts)! <3 why do they always make egg tarts with puff pastry instead of shortcrust at yumcha places =( I like shortcrust better, less oily!

叉燒腸粉 (cha siu rice noodle rolls) - was alright.

馬拉糕 (ma lai gao - Chinese steamed sponge cake) - was delicious here! Super soft and fluffy and yum =)

蝦餃 (har gao) - P just loves his prawn dumplings, even though he knows I don't like prawns so I won't eat any he'll gladly eat all three =P

P wanted the deep fried wontons - it's meant to be served with sweet and sour sauce but it came with some weird Plum sauce-like sauce, very strange =/

I asked the waiters whether the steamed buns were out yet and she goes "steamed buns? of course! (in Chinese)". We waited for about 15mins for a steamed buns cart to come along but it never came so we decided to leave. I was a bit bummed no fancy steamed buns here for me to try (like 流沙包 or 麻蓉包) =( We were satisfied but not overly full, the bill shocked us - $49 for the 2 of us =/

5/10 - nothing too special, do get the 馬拉糕 if you come here though =) a bit too expensive for my liking, kinda like Plume but without any special steamed buns for me =(

3/5 - waiters are very prompt clearing our plates and refilling our tea

3/5 - quite a nice big Chinese restaurant


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