Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hills BBQ Noodle Shop

Hills BBQ Noodle Shop
586 Station St, Boxhill
(Ph) 9899 3382

Hills BBQ Noodle Shop is famous for their BBQ meats - I had been here a few times before for takeaway BBQ meats and when I saw it was in the Cheap Eats Guide for ☆☆ I thought I'd pay it a visit again.

Inside is a very authentic Honky atmosphere - look at the Ancient Chinese palace tiling around the kitchen lol

I went for the Roast Duck + Honey Glazed Pork (BBQ pork) on rice - one meat is $8.80, "extra dollar for extra mixed $1.00" - I just love Asian English =P

They were quite generous with the BBQ meats, though was a bit disappointing =( The bbq pork was flavoursome but was quite dry and tough. The duck meat was good but the skin wasn't crisp at all =( It wasn't like we came really late, we came during peak lunch time and it still wasn't good..

For some reason P is always sick when we eat at Boxhill so he wanted congee again - Seafood Combination Congee $9.50

Very generous with big tiger prawns, lots of fish and scallops =) the congee was very flavoursome - it wasn't like they just made white congee and put the seafood in afterwards like how they do it at some places.

5/10 - I had remembered the BBQ meats to be much better, maybe this was just a bad day =( We saw someone have a plate of beef fried noodles which looked super tasty with crunchy noodles - wouldn't mind trying that next time

2/5 - quite loud and rowdy here, but really feels like you're transported to a cafe in Hong Kong!

3/5 - quick service here


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