Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9417 6935

I had been to Vegie Bar back at uni and remember it to be quite a memorable experience despite being meatless. It's a very popular restaurant which doesn't take bookings. Surprisingly we managed to get a table on this Saturday night without too long a wait =)

It was February already but they still have a big Santa figurine hanging from the ceiling? =P

It's a very big warehouse with 2 rooms downstairs and an upstairs area. The walls are full of posters of bands/performances etc and lots of plants on the tables - a very hipster atmosphere. They have mainly communal tables in the main room but smaller individual tables in the second room which was where we were seated =)

Their menu is very international with Asian dishes, Mexican, Italian etc etc. They have specials written on the whiteboard on the wall. P went for the Faux Meat Lovers - minced seitan, crispy facon, mock chicken, jalapenos, topped with mozzarella & BBQ sauce - small $10.50, large $12.50

Of course he would go for the most meat-like dish of the restaurant =P This was surprisingly very tasty! I'm used to faux meat before (had it multiple times in Hong Kong) but P was truly intrigued! The facon really tasted like bacon, though the seitan (supposed to be fake duck) wasn't as real - it's all made from tofu or wheat etc. So clever =) Crust was very crispy - for $12.50 this was well worth it!

I went for the Mexican Burrito - tortilla bread with refried kidney beans, spinach, onion & mushroom, served with rice, topped with melted cheese, chilli, sour cream & guacamole $14.50

Wow what a big serving! The burrito was filled with very delicious flavours, topped with some salsa, cheese and some orange chilli sauce which wasn't too spicy. Loved how there's a side of corn chips and guacamole as well - nachos and burrito in one! It also came with a bed of rice which really was not necessary - the dish was so filling without the rice!

We also got a side of Chips - traditional straight-cut chips served with tomato sauce $4.50

Crispy thick cut chips - no complaint here at all =)

7/10 - even for P who normally can't have a meal without meat actually enjoyed his dish very much =) would love to come back to try some of their other dishes!

2/5 - it was quite busy on this Saturday night so kinda expected the service to be a bit slow but not too bad

3/5 - very hip atmosphere =)


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