Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Original Taste of Northern China Cuisine

Original Taste of Northern China Cuisine
930 Whitehorse Rd, Boxhill
(Ph) 9898 8787

This was one of the few Boxhill restaurants in my Cheap Eats Guide so thought we'd go check it out. Very ordinary decor - with the terracotta tile roof decor again! (see Hills BBQ Noodle Shop). P said it really feels like Beijing with the white walls and high ceilings, and waiters with their deep Northern accent =P

The waiter (owner?) was busy talking to some regular customers and kinda didn't serve us/take our orders for a while =/ Though I did take ages to decide - I was going for some normal dumplings since dumplings are meant to be a northern China dish, but then though I should try one of their specialties. This was mentioned in the Cheap Eats Guide so thought I'd try it - Stir-fried threaded pork in sweet soy sauce in Beijing style $14.80

I think they mean shredded pork instead of threaded pork? It was quite bland was seriously just some soy sauce pork on a bed of raw spring onion =/ I saw the waiter take a packet of pancakes which I assume had just come out of the microwave, opened it and put the pancakes on the plate - so they're definitely not freshly made which I guess was expected. They were a bit stuck together but I guess was good they were very thin and uniform.

They don't have many rice dishes here - most of their dishes are proper main dishes and you order rice on the side, so it would have been a massive. P finally settled on one of their very few rice dishes - Basa with batter in sweet and sour sauce with rice $9.80

Looks like sweet and sour pork - I guess it's pretty much the same thing. Though the batter wasn't very good - it should still be crunchy even after drenched in sauce, but it was all soft and soggy =(

3/10 - maybe we don't know how to appreciate Northern food but I didn't think it was that great here =/

2/5 - nothing much

1/5 - would have been nice if the waiter served everyone equally, or at least serve us first before chatting!


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