Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liar Liar

Liar Liar
90 Kinkora Rd, Hawthorn
(Ph) 9818 8864

After moving to Hawthorn, we decided we had to go check out the local popular cafes! First one was Liar Liar, I had heard a lot about it before - it's previously managed by people who now manage Proud Mary and St Ali, so we thought it must be good =) It's on a street off Glenferrie Rd, there is really no signage outside though there is only one cafe on this street so couldn't really miss it =P

It's got quite a nice vibe inside, and nice new decor unlike the typical redo-warehouse decor of many Melbourne cafes.

As usual, P got the Big Fat Liar - eggs anyway + bacon + chipolatas + slow roasted mushrooms + sauteed spinach + thyme roasted tomato + house made relish $17.50

Quite a generous dish, eggs were poached perfectly. The relish was full of flavour and the chipolatas were tasty. The only downside was the toast was really tough like it might be a bit stale? =/

I got the Smashed Avocado - feta, avocado smash + maple glazed bacon + two poached eggs + sourdough toast + dukkah $17.00

Ooh maple glazed bacon! We actually compared our bacons and mine was distinctly sweeter and tastier than P's! The avocado was really good - with feta and lemon acidity =) My sourdough was much better and softer than P's toast - shouldn't they serve the same bread?!

6.5/10 - pretty good tasty food here! I was going to try the Pea + feta fritters on the lunch menu, but it doesn't come with eggs and you have to pay extra for salmon - they need to put fritters on the brunch menu!

3/5 - they have communal tables here but we came on a weekday so wasn't too packed, we were seated up the back which had pretty dim lighting, maybe they need to fix that =P

3/5 - very friendly waiters here


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