Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pho Chu The

Pho Chu The
936 Whitehorse Rd, Boxhill
(Ph) 9890 1688

P loves his Vietnamese food - I decided to be a nice girlfriend and accompany him (slightly reluctantly =P) We were actually going to go to Tan Tan on Carrington Road, but we had walked over to Whitehorse Road for some errands and came across Pho Chu The - decided to eat there instead 'cause we were too lazy to walk back. I found out afterwards there are restaurants with the same name in Richmond and in Fitzroy - I wonder if they're owned by the same people?

It's a relatively new restaurant - the tables are specially made with Vietnamese sceneries and the restaurant name on it, I like that nice touch =) All the tables come equipped with a stack of fold up menus, and a bell - customers tick their orders on the menu paper and press the bell for service. Kind reminds me of China Red but not quite as high tech =P

The menu paper

There's really only Pho here and a few rice and rice noodle dishes, but they don't have alot of the typical Vietnamese dishes like Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes) or Banh Beo (steamed rice flour cakes) =( They do have a very extensive drinks menu though - kinda like a bubble tea place.

On the wall there's a TV screen with beautiful pictures of their food dishes though it only flickers between like 5 dishes =P

P of course got Pho Special Beef - he got a large for $12.00 This is him picking the mint leaves off the branches =P

Omg the large is REALLY big =/ It was alright, the broth was not too bad (yes! not too much coriander in it!) but wasn't as flavoursome as it could be. The "Special Beef" didn't have anything special that I liked - no brisket or liver or jelly (blood) - disappointing, though P did like the stomach and other offal bits.

I wasn't that hungry so just decided to get some spring rolls - there are some big posters on the wall of some of their dishes - look now nice these spring rolls look =P

Wasn't quite the same when it came out but was not too bad - some of the spring roll skin broke, they probably premade lots and froze them and the skin cracks when they're defrosting or separating from each other =(

5/10 - nothing too special here though I am a bit biased against Vietnamese food. I do like that they didn't put much coriander in the soup =P

3/5 - quick efficient service here

4/5 - quite nice here without the dirty old feel of most Asian restaurants


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