Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seed Cafe

Seed Cafe
9 Centreway, Mordialloc
(Ph) 9587 5766

A hot day calls for the beach with J and T! =) Before heading to the sand and water, we stopped over for some brunch in Mordialloc. Quite a nice cafe with seating inside and a nice decked alfresco area out the back - we opted for outdoor as there was overlying trees so was quite nice in the shade.

I went for the specials board - Crispy Corn Fritters - w bacon, avocado, salad & sour cream $17.50

I am such a sucker for corn fritters <3 and these were deliciously crispy unlike so many uncrispy corn fritters I've had elsewhere! It was super flavoursome - would have liked it if they were bigger =P On the plus side they were super generous with the bacon though. Thought a salad on a brunch dish was a bit strange but was quite fresh. Only downside is I'm not a fan of sour cream and would have preferred if they gave me a relish or something instead.

P of course went for the "Seed Big Feed" - 2 free range eggs (fried or poached) served with bacon, grilled tomato, field mushrooms, chipolatas, homemade hash brown & tomato relish on crusty rustic bread $18.00

Such a big generous dish! Their tomato relish was very tasty - pretty sure it's homemade =) The hash brown was like a big blob of mash deep fried but was not as crunchy as we would have liked - how come they could make such crispy corn fritters but not hash browns?! If they were a bit crispier they would have been perfect! Eggs were poached quite nicely without the vinegar taste =)

T got the Vegie Stack - 2 free range eggs poached, sauteed spinach, roasted tomato, field mushrooms, avocado & pesto on sourdough toast $16.50

J wanted the mushroom dish on the specials board but it was not available on this day =( So she went for Seed Brekkie Bagel - 2 free-range eggs poached, crispy bacon, avocado & hollandaise served on a bagel $16.50

7/10 - all the dishes are really big and generous here. Though we did wait like 20mins for the food to come - we were starving so anything tasted good to us =P

2/5 - if only the food came quicker!

4/5 - quite nice sitting outside on the deck among the trees and garden on such a nice day =)


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