Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade
154 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9639 2633

It was the 40 degree start of the year - we desperately wanted somewhere to eat with aircon! >< P wanted yumcha so we decided to try out Crystal Jade - we had always thought it was very expensive here and were worried we'd be charged a surcharge on this public holiday, but we didn't feel like Shark Fin again so we gave it a go =)

Their aircon wasn't too powerful on this boiling hot day, but the ice cold water cooled us down =) The food here wasn't too expensive and it was actually quite good! Here are a few of the dishes we ordered..

牛肉腸粉 (beef steamed rice noodle rolls) - very smooth!

梅子排骨 (spare ribs in plum sauce) - different to the normal black bean one but was very delicious anyway!

Of course P had to order 叉燒包 (BBQ pork bun)

Very juicy inside and the bun was very soft!

The typical dim sims 燒賣 (pork dumpling)...

and 蝦餃 (prawn dumpling) - one had been eaten before I could take a photo =P

I'm not a fan of steamed dim sims so I decided to order one dish that I like - Asian Chicken Pie! It's very different to Western chicken pies - the pastry is sweet and short and the inside sauce more Asian than gravy.

And of course I have to order my most favourite dish of all! 流沙包 (runny sand bun)! The bun is very orange here lol, but no cracks or anything! Unlike Taipan ><

And yay! Super runny and delicious inside! With a very thin bun! On par with the Shark Fin ones,
would be better if not for the orange colour =P

We thought maybe it's orange so it matches with their napkin colour lol!

Bill was only $65 - fed us 3 massively full and no public holiday surcharge!

8/10 - overall very good and decent priced!

2/5 - could have been better if they had a stronger air con =P

4/5 - very good! There were nearly more waiters than customers, they came to take our finished plates so very promptly!

Will definitely be back!


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