Friday, January 13, 2012

Manchester Press

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
(Ph) 9600 4054

E loves bagels so we wanted to find another bagel place to brunch at =) Last time we went to Jungle Juice Bar which was quite a nice experience. I searched online and came across Manchester Press - apparently the bagels are delicious and they have very cool coffee art here! =)

It's very hidden in a little lane - lucky we had the GPS's on our phone to direct us =) Even once you get to the lane, there isn't really any big sign for it - all it has is this "MP" sign... secret goodness =)

We got here at 11am on a weekday - there were a few tables filled, but gradually got full as we sat. Very interesting decor with a massive bowling pin at the corner =P

The menu is all Dymo labelled - looks pretty cool but kinda hard to read and some of the letters had come off =P like hot chocolate became "ho cho" lol - but you get the general gist of it =)

We ordered our coffees first - E got a cappucino and I got a latte. The barista behind the counter working hard drawing faces =)

How AWESOME is the coffee art! I'm so amazed I don't understand how they draw it in separate strokes like that?! And the chocolate powder just at the sides without covering the face?!

Looks so cool we really didn't want to drink it! AMAZING =)

 I got the Soft Egg Bagel with Salmon or Avocado $12 - I got salmon. You get a choice of Poppy Seed, Plain, Sesame Seed and Wholemeal - I got Poppy Seed =)

I made a bit of a mess breaking my soft boiled egg and cutting the bagel. The bagel actually felt a little bit empty - like it was missing some sauce/liquid - cream cheese! The butter wasn't good enough =P The bagel was quite good but I think I would have liked the Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese, Capers one more. The egg was just right - soft boiled =)

E ordered the Chorizo, Cheese, Capsicum, Tomato, Tomato Chutney $12

Lots of goodies! Think I would have liked this more than mine actually with all the melted cheese =P

7/10 - awesome coffee art! bagels are good - would love to come try the other ones!

3/5 - love these Melbournian cafes!

4/5 - very good, we sat for 2+ hours and didn't get shooed out of the cafe =)

Definitely will be back!


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Came back here a few months ago for more wonderful coffee art and delicious bagels =)

So talented!

Look they have proper menu's on paper now instead of the Dymo tape! =P

I got the Baked egg scramble with salmon, fetta, cherry tomatoes and dill $16

Yummy goodness! I'm used to having poached eggs in baked eggs but I liked how this was scrambled eggs but still a bit raw so it was very creamy and delicious! The salmon were bits of salmon meat instead of smoked salmon so was a nice alternative =)

P got the 12 hour roasted pulled pork with lettuce, BBQ sauce and homemade appleslaw $14 with poppyseed bagel

This was also very good,  the pulled pork was delightful - tender, sweet and juicy and just delicious =) Definitely recommend this dish - seems like their new menu is much better than their previous one! I wonder how often they change the menu?

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