Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hong Kong Dim Sim

Hong Kong Dim Sim
22 Cambridge St, Boxhill
(Ph) 9890 1815

After our not-so-pleasant lunch at Jade Cafe last time, we had walked past this restaurant next door - looked pretty good so wanted to check it out. Plus P loves yum cha foods so that's a plus =)

I thought P was gonna order his typical yum cha dishes but he didn't feel like it on this day =____= all he ordered was a 叉燒包 (bbq pork bun) $3.80 which was actually quite good - soft bun and juicy bbq pork!

I wanted a 芋頭糕 (taro cake) $3.80 - I never order it when we go yum cha but it's one of my favourite dishes. 

It was a bit too salty and a bit too dense though - slight disappointment =(

P also got a Pork Chop Roll $5.50

Was so much bigger than the Jade Cafe one! Kinds looks like the New Age Cafe one with the 4 pieces of pringles =P though this is more like a burger not like a foccacia. This was surprisingly good - crunchy pork chop, mayo and cucumber on grilled bread =)

I also got a 炸兩 - rice noodle roll wrapped "oil stick" - those deep fried sticks eaten with congee normally =)

Was yum! Rice noodle was very smooth and the oil stick was very crunchy - slightly too crunchy actually. Think they buy pre-fried sticks and oven them so they get a little bit too crunchy - it's what we do at home anyway =P

Last time at yum cha, P wanted to order some deep fried wontons - so he got some here.

Why do they have to have prawns in them =( Otherwise I would have enjoyed them more =P Normally it's good they give you big prawns but I don't like prawns haha - P liked them though =)

Even after I told P not to, he wanted to order a Seafood Chowder

And he should have listened to me xP The soup was bland and watered down and very unpleasant =( The lousy little piece of garlic bread was stale too. It was so bad we really couldn't finish it - should have really come here for the dim sims not their chowders lol =P

And I'm pretty sure their other dim sims are very tasty - mainly buns and dumplings. Lots of people come here to buy frozen dim sims to bring home - there's a whole wall of fridges filled with dim sims on sale. They have all sorts of things - even 3 types of 燒賣 (pork dumplings - well normally anyway) - pork, beef and scallops!

5/10 - just come here for the dim sims! and the pork chop roll =)

2/5 - there was a scary lady (think she may have been the manager?) who was shouting at the waiters but the waiters were quite good and quick

2/5 - typical Asian cafe feel


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