Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoppingtown Hotel

Shoppingtown Hotel
19 Williamstown Rd, Doncaster
(Ph) 9848 6811

Work Christmas dinner! At the family bistro at Shoppingtown Hotel =) I haven't been to a pub/bistro for a while so this was a welcome change =)

It was a few days before Christmas so there were many big groups holding Christmas parties - so many little kids running around and crying/screaming/being loud in general. I guess this is a family bistro but man! Lucky after a while they all went into the play room and it quietened down a bit =P

I saw the dishes being carried to other tables and decided I had to get the Shoppingtown Beef Burger - a delicious beef pattie with bacon, tomato relish, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, wasabi mayo and a fried egg, served on a burger bun with chips $18.00

You go up to the counter to order and pay, and go up to the bar to order drinks, so it's a very casual restaurant.

Food came very fast =D

Yum! I thought it had come with a bonus salad (the lettuce pile) but then realised the chef decided to put the bottom bun + lettuce on one side, and the pattie + bacon + egg + top bun on the other side - so like a deconstructed burger.

After constructing it, it looked much bigger than I first thought lol.

Great big hearty burger =) Couldn't really taste the wasabi mayo though - who puts wasabi mayo in burgers anyway?! =P The fries couldn't have been crunchier, they're more like steak fries whereas I like shoestring fries better =) 2 of the boys had ordered the burger as well - one had managed to finish the plate, while the other couldn't finish the chips. I was slowly making my way through the burger and some of the chips, then decided the chips weren't worth my limited stomach space and carb quota so slowly managed to eat my way through the burger. My colleagues were all super amazed I finished it haha =P I look small but I can fit a lot in =D

I very much enjoyed my meal, most of the others were too (like the steak, the risotto, the parma) but the fish and chips were apparently a disappointment. Can't go wrong with a burger at a bistro right? =P

6.5/10 - not bad, food came very fast, though a bit expensive for burger and chips at such a casual restaurant.

2/5 - you go up to the counter to order food, and the waiters don't seemed to really know what's on the menu for the day - she said "corn risotto" instead of "prawn risotto" and had to go back to check with the chef. She said the kitchen was very loud and she couldn't really hear the chef, but seriously, can't you see massive prawns in the plate? =P

1/5 - omg it was loud to the max! It got a bit hard to have a conversation while the kids were being loud, was a bit better when they went off to the play room =P

Afterwards we went to play pokies haha I felt like we were in some rural town or something! Had my bistro/pub experience to last a while! =P


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